By using these testing images, you're morally obligated to test them and to edit this page and report -every single bug you find-, no matter if they're theme flaws, quirks, bugs or crashes. You can optionally also use bugzilla , use version 0.13.

Please send the bug report urls to mer-chatter (see Mer/Awareness ) as well

Sign up for [mer-testing] mailing list and share your bugs, testing experiences. Test master is Meizirkki, and can be found in #mer on usually and you can ask him if there's some specialized areas that need testing. Take these testing things first.

These images will not be the only ones this week. In N8x0 installer, when it asks for URL=, write URL=http://the.image.intended. Instructions on Mer/Releases/0.12 still apply.

Mer X86 VMDK

Mer X86 rootfs version

Mer N8x0, rootfs version or

Bugs in testing1

  • Touchscreen using xf86-input-tslib does not work (N8x0, SmartQ). Fix will be in testing2 image (redownload image and it should be fixed)
  • Brightness applet makes hildon crash (not always)
  • Frozing at shutdown if the commad is given from the new gui
  • Enhancement: jffs2 images, kernels, etc.
    • Potential fix: Edit kernel-diablo in Maemo:Mer:Devel:HW:N8x0:Devel to include a variant (like -oprofile or such) that is built to sed CONFIG_CMDLINE from 'CONFIG_CMDLINE="root=1f03 rootfstype=jffs2 ro console=tty0 console=ttyMTD5" to:'CONFIG_CMDLINE="root=1f04 rootfstype=jffs2 init=/sbin/tablet-init ro console=tty0 console=ttyMTD5"'

x86 VMDK

  • Text in text fields can not be drag-selected (cursor jumps to start of field instead)
  • Applications installed prompt for folder location but are always stored in Extras
    • Artifact of Fremantle Application Manager i think
  • Organize dialog nonresponsive to any input
  • Locale hardcoded to en_GB.utf8 (?)
    • There is a .current-locale feature, needs control panel (+ reboot), look in /usr/bin/start-hildon
  • Terminal menu text is not replaced with localized text - e.g. "webameedit - webamecopy" etc.
    • Make some strings for osso-xterm, we don't have any :)
  • Terminal toolbar Ctrl button non-functional (try Ctrl + d, Ctrl + h, Ctrl + g, Ctrl + c)
    • Work on including patches in libvte on into vte - there's some not included yet.
  • Terminal toolbar (likely other) has significanly misaligned background image when selected.
    • Icon sizes are changed in Fremantle, so a theme issue probably

--boxofsnoo 18:25, 10 May 2009 (UTC)