Release not fully done yet.

Notable accomplishments and news

  • Faster docpurge (thanks to qwerty12)
  • glib2.20 now used
  • N8x0: Open hald-addon-bme (You can enable advanced power and get battery meter)
  • Our USB networking now uses IPs matching USB_networking, Mer/USB_networking and bootmenu. for host, 2.15 for device.
  • New webkit browser: Tear, by Bundyo
  • E-mail client: Claws-mail
  • hildon gconf-editor
  • lbt will be presenting at UKUUG 09: see Mer/Events/UKUUG_09
  • Stskeeps and zenvoid will be doing a BoF on DebConf9, 2009-07-25 13:00 on Mer
  • Changed default language to en_US, and added new open source strings by timeless
  • Added Chinese translations (dalin)
  • Proper localization on Neo Freerunner
  • No more cursor blinking in X-Terminal
  • 770 support TBA
  • Smart Q7 rebate on Mer/Proposals/SmartQ_Developer_Programme not possible - but help us get to 10 proposals or above so we can get Q5 rebates!
  • N8x0: Kalle Valo is doing a kernel mainlining project - see - it is very recommended if you have any contributions to make that you make them. It will get us modern kernels on N8x0.
  • N8x0: Mer kernels now have new patches: Japanese FM Radio frequencies for N800, MB2504 fixed, Patch to kernel to allow DSP framebuffer sharing on N8x0 devices) to kernel, nbd in kernel modules, A2DP improvements - thanks too tomaszd for integrating
  • Q5/Q7: Backlight parameter for kernel (zenvoid)
  • SmartDevices has donated two Q7's to us
  • First boot wizard is now a /etc/first-boot-wizard.d process, like start-hildon.d - easy to add first boot wizard items to run. (epage)
  • Removed marquee plugins which were not working or broken
  • Add 'Network Settings' option to menu that appears when networking is disabled for nm-applet
  • Locale picker by qwerty12 and timeless
  • Disable grab in gksu for n800/non-kbd users
  • Input, About control panel (epage)
  • N8x0: Now uses Xomap instead of Xorg. Should make graphics more smooth.
  • Maemo will be switching to Qt for Harmattan. We'll probably be going same way - but supporting both toolkits. We already have Qt/Maemo running :)
  • donated a virtual machine to us
  • How to make your Maemo application compile and run on Mer

Released images

MD5sum URL Description
fd772f6414ce22ca1f8807dc388a8025 flashable image for Nokia N8x0 port, JFFS2 part (requires kernel below)
136a715927dec5489f2b001bc7705796 flashable image for Nokia N8x0 port, Kernel part (requires jffs2 above)
5414ba9d871bf99a95d83ef8d65dcaf9 kernel for standard setups, Nokia N8x0 port. Use to get extra features (working USBnet on XP, etc)
41a92764e1bf12b34e57b4028066a90f rootfs tar.gz for Nokia N8x0 port
f9fdf6e3e994d5b5807e343b14f8e3a1 rootfs for X86, generic
1ee4e418a0c4f9e6450b491fe41d5691 VMDK, X86 for VirtualBox, VMware, etc.
6bb7296fd3458570562835bf4c12a13b rootfs for SmartQ5
58908cefa4c1d7a58b2f1e136a6a0932 firmware image for SmartQ5
6aa2e91283c3eebc88e4f5f22fc8038a rootfs for SmartQ7
d4ad7ecaa4b5d7fa1276f6e5307ac7da firmware image for SmartQ7
0a4ae087ae1b49807f488f8c7bb61182 rootfs for Neo Freerunner.