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WARNING: Be careful with SmartQ releases - we don't have a daemon that does graceful shutdown at battery low. Read comment on the known issues.

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Notable accomplishments and news

Known issues

  • This release does not come with Q5/Q7 firmware image. Only rootfs image (contains kernel that can be booted with zenvoid's qi bootloader) as we need people to test it. The reason for this is that if we write to internal SD card when power gets cut, internal SD dies. We are going to make a daemon for this in 0.17 to shut down gracefully.
  • This is a transitional release and many things are broken. We have part of Fremantle final stuff and most importantly, Application Manager is a bit broken.
  • [SmartQ5] Bluetooth does not work - hciconfig simply returns
  • [Nokia 770] Worked fine on first boot, after reboot/power cycle the device hangs with Mer desktop wallpaper and nothing else on screen (battery removal required). DCC: this happened to me on the third boot, fourth is OK, Maybe linked to booting with or without power cable (without works fine)
  • [n800] Pressing shift on the keyboard is very unresponsive compared to pressing other keys.
  • [N800] Brightness is weak on 1st time boot, at the end of it, the screen lit up, but after login, dim again (it seens to flick a little too). Bright control icon on home screen does nothing. (is there a workaround?) update: this was caused by turning on the device with power cable attach´d. Otherwise works ok!
  • [N800] Yet no "Locale" for Brazil.
  • [N800] Rotating the screen via brightness/volume home icon just change the place where i should press the menu buttons, but do not rotate the screen itself. It causes to some menu buttons, like bright/volume, be outside the touchscreen limit, making impossible to change back without a hard reset.
  • [N800] Turning on the device with power cable, after the boot, removing it causes the system to auto shutdown.
  • [N800] gconf-editor and x-chat could not be installed: missing maemo-select-menu-location even in red pill mode
  • [N800] maemopad could not be installed: missing libhildonhelp0 >= 2.0.5-1 even in red pill mode
  • [N800] pidgin do not created a link on launcher "extras" menu, only a line

Released images

MD5sum URL Description
ecbcb99df43ef03f6282a88fc421233f flashable image for Nokia N8x0 port, JFFS2 part (requires kernel below)
2876b5eead302ef49166a44bcf4307d4 flashable image for Nokia N8x0 port, Kernel part (requires jffs2 above)
01f29aa7c7244b5d441a33c16a2c0fb5 kernel for standard setups, Nokia N8x0 port. Use to get extra features (working USBnet on XP, etc)
fb22728689f629e923662dac44ae9935 rootfs tar.gz for Nokia N8x0 port
96ffcf4f02c768c0b4d580fcc6e19c7c rootfs for X86, generic
fd106a3ff0a4854fe5d147fc2c83af52 VMDK, X86 for VirtualBox, VMware, etc.
a6117c736a83bb070241a2ba2c642f0c rootfs for SmartQ5
8584cec9c22b67b7593ab09e2edafc62 rootfs for SmartQ7
b6743aabca0c182a59d03e0a843a0cc7 Experimental Nokia 770 rootfs.