Mer 0.7 was prepared in the sprint 1 February 2009 - 16 February 2009, and released on 16 February 2009

Completed tasks in this release and notable accomplishments

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2009-02-09 Fix lack of "enter" ctrl-m "problem" on x86 Stskeeps, johnx 100% Added /apps/osso/inputmethod/keyboard_available (bool) gconf2 option. Set true when on a machine with active keyboard.
2009-02-14 Add control panel applet for theme switching qwerty12 100% In repository as hildon-theme-selector.
2009-02-10 maemo-select-menu-location seems to stall Stskeeps 100% Reason is because .launch is not an .so. Same issue as in hildon desktop. In repository.
2009-02-11 Figure out how to make the theme switcher work. (It's a control panel applet), see timeless, qwerty12 100% In repository as hildon-theme-selector.
2009-02-08 package evkey (for nit-kernel-compat purposes) qwerty12 100% In repository.
2009-01-30 Open system sounds (startup chime, touchscreen tap, etc) opengeekv2, zenvoid 100% System Sounds by zenvoid completed: liberty-sounds-ui, list of wav files
2009-02-03 Make transitional package for libhildon-1-0 to libhildon1 Stskeeps 100% In repository.
2009-02-03 Make transitional package for gconf2-common (bug 4016 connected) Stskeeps 100% Fixed, but now libvte9 problems when installing gnome-core.
2009-02-03 Fix bug 4016 (helps getting GNOME components on Mer) Stskeeps 100% Fixed, but gconf2-common transitional package is needed.
2009-02-03 Add python-gobject to dsme-tools dependancy Stskeeps 100% In repository, tested on n810.
0.7 Working X-terminal with hildon input method working Stskeeps 100% Some vte patches still needed, but working: screenshot
2009-01-26 Port and build (statusbar applet config qwerty12 100% In repository as hildon-plugins-settings-cpa.
2009-01-16 nit-kernel-compat (support kernel booting rootfs directly), base on nitboot qwerty12 100% In repository. Current problems: evkey doesn't exist on non-bootmenu tablets (put as TODO, as the rest works), so rescue menu does not work. BZR branch: ~mer-committers/m-r/nit-kernel-compat. Problems with APT still exist, so no jffs2 image in this release.
Add FDI for Nokia keyboards (see this and this Darken 80% Check this [1] - Added keycode problem fix in xserver-xorg-input-evdev, now in repository. Patched repository actually. Needs testing.
Make hildon-desktop-env use a configuration file to determine wether it needs to show cursor or not (useful for x86) johnx 95% Could use some testing on x86s with touchscreens
December Proposal for distribution of firmware images including closed-source bits needed for community editions Stskeeps 50% First proposal involving initfs bits proposed through maemo-community. Positive Nokia response wish list for 3rd party components
  • b-man: various fixes to merinstaller
  • Stskeeps: Beagleboard port, Pocket Loox 720 port, documented some parts of BME protocol, for creating an open hald-addon-bme.
  • qwerty12: Created extras-repository package which adds the maemo-extras repository automatically for you in Mer.
  • Mention of Mer at "Maemo on Beagleboard" talk at FOSDEM 09, see slide picture