Mer 0.7 was prepared in the sprint 1 February 2009 - 16 February 2009, and released on 16 February 2009

Completed tasks in this release and notable accomplishments

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2009-02-09 Fix lack of "enter" ctrl-m "problem" on x86 Stskeeps, johnx 100% Added /apps/osso/inputmethod/keyboard_available (bool) gconf2 option. Set true when on a machine with active keyboard.
2009-02-14 Add control panel applet for theme switching qwerty12 100% In repository as hildon-theme-selector.
2009-02-10 maemo-select-menu-location seems to stall Stskeeps 100% Reason is because .launch is not an .so. Same issue as in hildon desktop. In repository.
2009-02-11 Figure out how to make the theme switcher work. (It's a control panel applet), see timeless, qwerty12 100% In repository as hildon-theme-selector.
2009-02-08 package evkey (for nit-kernel-compat purposes) qwerty12 100% In repository.
2009-01-30 Open system sounds (startup chime, touchscreen tap, etc) opengeekv2, zenvoid 100% System Sounds by zenvoid completed: liberty-sounds-ui, list of wav files
2009-02-03 Make transitional package for libhildon-1-0 to libhildon1 Stskeeps 100% In repository.
2009-02-03 Make transitional package for gconf2-common (bug 4016 connected) Stskeeps 100% Fixed, but now libvte9 problems when installing gnome-core.
2009-02-03 Fix bug 4016 (helps getting GNOME components on Mer) Stskeeps 100% Fixed, but gconf2-common transitional package is needed.
2009-02-03 Add python-gobject to dsme-tools dependancy Stskeeps 100% In repository, tested on n810.
0.7 Working X-terminal with hildon input method working Stskeeps 100% Some vte patches still needed, but working: screenshot
2009-01-26 Port and build (statusbar applet config qwerty12 100% In repository as hildon-plugins-settings-cpa.
2009-01-16 nit-kernel-compat (support kernel booting rootfs directly), base on nitboot qwerty12 100% In repository. Current problems: evkey doesn't exist on non-bootmenu tablets (put as TODO, as the rest works), so rescue menu does not work. BZR branch: ~mer-committers/m-r/nit-kernel-compat. Problems with APT still exist, so no jffs2 image in this release.
Add FDI for Nokia keyboards (see this and this Darken 80% Check this [1] - Added keycode problem fix in xserver-xorg-input-evdev, now in repository. Patched repository actually. Needs testing.
Make hildon-desktop-env use a configuration file to determine wether it needs to show cursor or not (useful for x86) johnx 95% Could use some testing on x86s with touchscreens
December Proposal for distribution of firmware images including closed-source bits needed for community editions Stskeeps 50% First proposal involving initfs bits proposed through maemo-community. Positive Nokia response wish list for 3rd party components
  • b-man: various fixes to merinstaller
  • Stskeeps: Beagleboard port, Pocket Loox 720 port, documented some parts of BME protocol, for creating an open hald-addon-bme.
  • qwerty12: Created extras-repository package which adds the maemo-extras repository automatically for you in Mer.
  • Mention of Mer at "Maemo on Beagleboard" talk at FOSDEM 09, see slide picture

Known issues

IDSeverityProductStatusResolutionSummary (5 tasks) Assignee
4101enhancementMerRESOLVEDWONTFIXzenity list should allow clicking in any column for radio and check listsCarsten Munk
4102normalMerRESOLVEDWONTFIX(dpkg?) error message shouldn't say "reached already"Carsten Munk
4111normalMerRESOLVEDWONTFIXinstall catalog details dialog is fatally modalCarsten Munk
4093normalMerRESOLVEDWONTFIXupdate-desktop-database error message is badCarsten Munk
4062majorMerRESOLVEDFIXEDInstaller crashes when writing a bootmenu item in advanced-mode for external card.Carsten Munk
  • Bootmenu does not play well with clone-to-SD systems. You will have to make a bootmenu item yourself (ask on #maemo about this) (someone document how to make an .item)
  • Sometimes after updates the touchscreen of the tables stop working or isn't calibrated, this is because the 'xserver-xorg-input-synaptics' package are installed, to fix it do "sudo apt-get remove xserver-xorg-input-synaptics" in a terminal.
  • No WiFi on 770 yet.
  • X driver for omapfb does not use Manual updates yet and hence can be a bit slow in updating the screen which may give the impression the system is slow.
  • Rotation in advanced-backlight kills the X server
  • A better way to reboot device or shut down than 'sudo reboot' or 'sudo shutdown -h now' or popping the battery is needed.