N900 Hardware Schematic

An N900 schematic appears to be at [1]

This might not be the exact version of the schematic used to make the phone.

Revision is given as 2JH_21A on the schematic. However, the pictured PCB in the schematic is 2JH_20 - see above the third row from the right keys. A dissasembled purchased n900 showed a revision number of 2JH_21[2].

This is a brief list of what's where on the schematic. It generally only includes major components, and any minor components that have a direct bearing on software.


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  • N5210 - uSD hotswap detector
  • D4800 - OMAP3430 - N900 Hardware CPU
  • D5000 - Combo memory - 64M*32 DDR, 128M*16 Flash. (POP?)
  • D5200 - eMMC 32Gb.

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