Navigation Tools


Navigation Tools

A key application on the internet tablets is navigation. The N810 has a built-in GPS receiver the N770 and N800 can connect the GPS receiver over bluetooth with the NMEA interface

Open Source

Maemo Mapper


Pro: pretty stable application, works by default with openstreetmap, but can also use commercial maps. The maps download is convenient and maps can be stored on the device. Routing is possible but required online connectivity.

Con: works only with pixmaps (i.e. inefficient map storage) and routing requires online connection.



Pro: uses vector data from openstreetmaps

Con: Not yet stable, very few releases, little development progress visible, no routing yet, map conversion to gosmore .pak format has to be done by user. I did not get gpsd working.



Pro: uses vector data from openstreetmaps, can do offline routing, 3D view, good touchscreen interface, rich set of configuration options, almost daily development releases, good progress

Con: altough works already pretty reliable, no stable release yet, configuration requires modification of xml file in text editor, the default configuration is not good for the internet tablet (see the wiki page internet tablets configurations)

Little interaction with developers, no public development mailing list, little support on the user list.



I could not get it working so far, no updates on news site since two years.




I did not try it.