Nokia N810

Originally announced October 17th, 2007. As for hardware specs, it is similar to its predecessor, the Nokia N800. The differences are that it has 2 GB of storage memory, a daylight readable screen, a non-rotating camera on the face of the device, and a back-lit sliding keyboard. It also has an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust backlight levels based on the amount of light, as well as integrated GPS (A-GPS is used in Diablo) and a single miniSDHC card slot.

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An additional variant introduced in 2008 is the WiMax edition.


Hardware Details

OMAP2420 System-on-a-Chip

This is the heart of the N810.

The OMAP2420 includes an integrated ARM1136 processor (400 MHz), a TI TMS320C55x™DSP (220 MHz), 2D/3D graphics accelerator (the 3D accelerator is not used in official firmware but there is an alpha-quality driver available), imaging and video accelerator, high-performance system interconnects and industry-standard peripherals.

TSL2563 Ambient Light Sensor

This is an I2C-attached light-to-digital converter

TLV320AIC33 Audio Codec

This is an I2C-attached stereo audio codec

LP5521 LED controller

This is an I2C-attached programmable LED controller.

  • Datasheet:
  • I2C slave address: 0x32

TMC825x CMOS sensor

This is the CMOS camera sensor. It is Attached to the OMAP2 camera interface (video data) and I2C (control).

  • I2C slave address: 0x3d

LM8323 Keyboard

This is the keyboard controller.

  • I2C slave address: 0x45
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