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This is a subtask of [[Increasing transparency]]. Also related to [[Task:Upstream projects]].
This is a subtask of [[Increasing transparency]]. Also related to [[Task:Upstream projects]].

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This is a subtask of Increasing transparency. Also related to Task:Upstream projects.


There is a perception that Maemo (and in fact Nokia as a whole) is taking a lot from the open source community but not giving much. It would be useful to reflect the contributions originated in Maemo, either from Nokia or other parties involved.

Information available

Currently there is but it's somewhat incomplete. It would be good to gather information also from the upstream projects i.e. those rankings released from time to time showing top contributors. There are also some research projects on open source contributions that might have relevant data for our case.

Please add any relevant information or link to the list below:

How to go deeper

What can Nokia and the Maemo community do to gather and process more information?

  • One idea is to contact the upstream projects related to the Maemo stack and ask them about studies on their contributors, to see what role Nokia plays in their project.