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(Feature requests implemented)
(Feature requests implemented)
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   |status=Closed, Resolved, Verified
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   |order=product, component
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   |columns=product, component, id, summary

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Information announced about the Fremantle roadmap:

New to Maemo:

  • OMAP3 support
  • HSPA/3G support
  • High definition camera support
  • OpenGL ES
  • Clutter
  • Meta Tracker
  • PulseAudio
  • GUPnP
  • OHM
  • upstart
  • A2DP & AVRCP support
  • OpenMAX

Remarkable updates:

  • GTK+ 2.12
  • Farsight2

More explained at (relevant content needs to be moved here).

Initial list of packages planned for the Fremantle SDK alpha.


This is a timeline based on known events and announcements. Many dates are quite flexible at this point.

  • First Alpha SDK, first report on API changes and beginning of weekly releases. Suitable for platform development only. December 2008.
  • Mature alpha SDK with application framework and API freeze available around January-February 2009.
  • FOSDEM in February. Proposal for a Maemo developer gathering with a set of goals.
  • Bossa conference in March. Proposal for a Maemo developer gathering with a set of goals.
  • Beta SDK released between March-May, ready for application development including support for Mozilla based browser and Greasemonkey add-ons.
  • Qt 4.4 "garage" support and Theme Maker by Urho Konttori planned to be ready by the beta SDK release.
  • Final release when ready.  :)

Feature requests implemented

IDPStatusVersionProductSummary (2586 tasks) WebsiteDownload count to applications[1] WebsiteComments on announcements 
12347HighCLOSEDmasterMiniatureWhen chat overlay extends, text entry should gain focus 
12361HighCLOSEDmasterMiniatureCreate a new game: "+" Button instead "new" button 
5204+HighCLOSEDunspecifiedConnectivityrSAP is not available/ supported yet - will it be implemented in future versions of Maemo 5? 
12375HighCLOSEDmasterMiniatureFICS login textfields should jump to next when pressing Enter 
3726+HighCLOSED4.1.1 (4.2008.30-2)Desktop platformlibpng: Support for animated PNG backgrounds WebsiteNew tools bar in the homepage WebsiteAdding micro-intro in user profiles WebsiteKarma items need better copy text WebsiteAuthors linked to profile in News[2]
168HighCLOSEDunspecifiedBrowserRFE: Browser needs some adblocking WebsiteBugzilla List open to e-mail harvesting WebsiteKarma should take ITT forum posts and threads started into account 
3841HighRESOLVED4.1.2 (4.2008.36-5)ConnectivityTry connect to all available connections if no previously saved ones exist WebsiteReply to messages in mail archives[3] WebsiteEditing the bugzilla guidelines (bug-writing.html)[4] Websitewebforum: allow some HTML tags in the posts[5]
10249HighRESOLVED0.6.3ConboyHide plug-in selection if there is only one plugin 
3850HighRESOLVED4.1.2 (4.2008.36-5)Map"GPS display" window of Map should give progress information WebsiteInstall the Category Tree extension for the wiki[6] WebsiteInstall the Dynamic Page List extension for the wiki[7] WebsiteNeed a link to the profile list view from the individual profile view[8]
4885HighRESOLVED0.3BlueMaemoSuggestions for BlueMaemo Website"Clone This Bug" link should require editbugs[9]
1303+HighRESOLVED5.0-betaDesktop platformHildon does not follow standard, ignores ~/.local/share/applications[10] WebsiteBrainstorm terminology mismatch - idea/solution 
10008HighRESOLVEDunspecifiedMultilistSearch only does "starts with"[11]
793HighRESOLVED5.0/(1.2009.42-11)System softwarelock screen should have 'if lost' info (e.g. display owner contact info) WebsiteExpand user profile on[12] WebsiteNon-tablet software related to Maemo should be available through downloads[13]
4652HighRESOLVEDunspecifiedDevelopment platformiwspy for Nokia N810 
3373HighRESOLVED4.1.2 (5.2008.43-7)Development platformplease provide Diablo uclibc/eabi toolchain for building stuff for initfs WebsiteA News main page with more info[14] WebsiteEntries don't show images[15]
8515HighRESOLVEDunspecifiedThe One RingEasier way to access log Websitecannot add multiple install files (for IT2006 and IT2007)[16]
1100HighRESOLVED5.0-betaFlasherflasher not available for Mac OS X PPC 
337HighRESOLVED1.1MultimediaPoor playback of iTunes encode aac files 
6482HighRESOLVEDunspecifiedDialcentralLog should have the platform in it 
1623HighRESOLVED3.2Development platformAdd FORTRAN support back into the SDKs 
3934HighRESOLVED4.1.3 (5.2008.43-7)BrowserImage zooming no longer works with images larger than the browser window[17]
95HighRESOLVEDunspecifiedDeveloper Guidedesktop-files documented poorly 
1125HighRESOLVEDunspecifiedMultimediaosso-media-server dbus api WebsiteAdd RSS feeds to community portal[18]
7019HighRESOLVED5.0/(3.2010.02-8)Licensing Change RequestsRelease source code of "getbootstate" WebsiteExplicit feedback channels WebsiteList of all downloads WebsiteAdd "Get involved!" link to the Bugsquad to the Bugzilla front page[19]
9857HighRESOLVEDunspecifiedQt Maemo 6 UI Preview[Feature request] DuiList supports different size/style of content items 
2948HighRESOLVED4.1.3 (5.2008.43-7)ConnectivityWifi AP list scrolls too fast 
9860HighRESOLVEDunspecifiedQt Maemo 6 UI Preview[Feature request] DuiList supports different size/style of content items 
1925HighRESOLVED3.2Browsermplayerplug-in compiles, but does not work WebsiteBeing added automatically in CCed when posting a comment[20]
1673HighRESOLVED4.1.3 (5.2008.43-7)MultimediaAllow use of current artist/song being played for IM status message 
4745HighRESOLVED4.1.3 (5.2008.43-7)Browserbrowser loading pages slow 
1674HighRESOLVED3.2MultimediaAllow external programs to retreive currently playing song information WebsiteLonger and more flexible application list on download site[21] WebsiteAdd forum feature for mailinglists to website WebsiteWriting announcements shouldn't count in karma 
3741HighRESOLVED5.0-beta2MultimediaSupport for sound themes[22] Websiteautomoderation feature requests[23]
12456HighRESOLVEDmasterMiniatureMiniature official support for Maemo 
1195HighRESOLVED1.1ConnectivityPAN Bluetooth Profile not supported 
688HighRESOLVED2.0Settings and MaintenanceLet user select default applications for MIME types WebsiteMaemo user profile public formatting isn't nice 
5040HighRESOLVEDunspecifiedConboyAdd synchronization with Tomboy 
6833HighRESOLVEDunspecifiedTouchSearchTouchSearch should search on Enter press in addition to Search button Websitefav hearts should be turning red instantly[24]
3001HighRESOLVED3.2Desktop platformit is not possible to programmatically call virtual keyboard WebsiteIndicate Nokia affiliation in profile list[25]
5052HighRESOLVEDunspecifiedConboyAdd support for storage backend plug-ins WebsiteDefining company and role in profiles WebsiteNews page is not using the proper
[26] WebsiteAdd 'spacing' to sides of global site container...[27] WebsiteBreadcrumbs need to be spaced on page better...[28] WebsiteInstall the citation extension for the wiki[29]
2264HighRESOLVEDunspecifiedDevelopment platformPackages cannot be authenticated 
8925HighRESOLVED5.0/(2.2009.51-1)Media playerMake searching for media (especially at startup) optional in Media Player 
2786HighRESOLVED4.0Chat & Call & SMSchat application should allow for sending text messages to cell phones 
6626HighRESOLVED5.0/(1.2009.42-11)Media playerVideo playback does not play continuously WebsiteNeed logo with "BETA" signifier...[30]
3561HighRESOLVED4.1 (4.2008.23-14)Settings and Maintenanceallow all or some setting to be accessible via blue pill mode 
1521HighRESOLVED5.0-alphaDesktop platformmake osso_mime and friends support "Actions" WebsiteBugzilla users who are Nokia employees should be noted[31]
2804HighRESOLVED4.0Desktop WidgetsInternet search applet wastes space 
5109HighRESOLVED5.0-beta2EmailDeleting email should be more evident... 
2041HighRESOLVED4.1.3 (5.2008.43-7)ConnectivityAbility to send display output to an 802.11 capable projector. 
2554HighRESOLVED4.1.2 (4.2008.36-5)EmailAdd "Move to folder" button in main view WebsiteDisplay news item excerpts not just headlines 
510HighRESOLVED2.1Chat & Call & SMSJabber transport support WebsiteKarma should count ITT 'Thanks!" 
12351HighVERIFIEDmasterMiniatureMake move confirmation an option or remove it 
12359HighVERIFIEDmasterMiniatureMiniature FICS user must fill id & password every time 
12390HighVERIFIEDmasterMiniatureMake last turn visible WebsiteProposal: Don't show Buries in profile[32]
12455HighVERIFIEDmasterMiniatureMiniature chat area use is not obvious Websitehearts + thumbs down should be available with article head[33]
4098LowCLOSED4.1.3 (5.2008.43-7)Chat & Call & SMSXMPP server DNS resolution should use SRV lookups[34]
6658LowCLOSEDunspecifiedopenvpnalways capture console output 
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