Open development/Maemo roadmap/Fremantle

Information announced about the Fremantle roadmap:

New to Maemo:

  • OMAP3 support
  • HSPA/3G support
  • High definition camera support
  • OpenGL ES
  • Clutter
  • Meta Tracker
  • PulseAudio
  • GUPnP
  • OHM
  • upstart
  • A2DP & AVRCP support
  • OpenMAX

Remarkable updates:

  • GTK+ 2.12
  • Farsight2

More explained at (relevant content needs to be moved here).

Initial list of packages planned for the Fremantle SDK alpha.


This is a timeline based on known events and announcements. Many dates are quite flexible at this point.

  • First Alpha SDK, first report on API changes and beginning of weekly releases. Suitable for platform development only. December 2008.
  • Mature alpha SDK with application framework and API freeze available around January-February 2009.
  • FOSDEM in February. Proposal for a Maemo developer gathering with a set of goals.
  • Bossa conference in March. Proposal for a Maemo developer gathering with a set of goals.
  • Beta SDK released between March-May, ready for application development including support for Mozilla based browser and Greasemonkey add-ons.
  • Qt 4.4 "garage" support and Theme Maker by Urho Konttori planned to be ready by the beta SDK release.
  • Final release when ready.  :)

Feature requests implemented

IDPStatusSeverityVersionProductSummary (3497 tasks) WebsiteKarma should take ITT forum posts and threads started into account 
2816HighRESOLVEDmajor1.0X-Internet Tablet Video ConverterWhen converting .AVI files only sound is reproduced in the converted file and the converted file is only 10 % of the size of the original file. using version .22 on windows xp professional WebsiteApplication karma not updated[1]
770HighRESOLVEDnormal2.0Developer GuideMaemo 2.0 Porting code examples do not work[2] WebsiteWiki needs to be updated to comply with the new branding guidelines[3] WebsiteCannot become maintainer of my own package[4]
6407+HighRESOLVEDcriticalunspecifiedFM Radiomicrophone doesn't work during a call and after closing fm radio WebsiteEditing the bugzilla guidelines (bug-writing.html)[5]
7176HighRESOLVEDmajorunspecifiedOmWeatherUS GA picks country of Georgia and not state when picking cites WebsiteProblems uploading files to maemo garage 
10249HighRESOLVEDenhancement0.6.3ConboyHide plug-in selection if there is only one plugin has an invalid security certificate[6]
3851HighRESOLVEDnormal4.1.2 (4.2008.36-5)LocationAGPS not helping to get a lock under clear sky Websiteno between pipe and current attachment number in attachment details[attachment.cgi?id=817&action=edit] WebsiteLogging in to via blog page (i.e., not the uppermost login form) doesn't work...[7] WebsiteInstall the Category Tree extension for the wiki[8] WebsiteBrainstorm solutions should be editable WebsiteBroken sidebar[9] WebsiteNeed a link to the profile list view from the individual profile view[10]
9742HighRESOLVEDmajorunspecifiedErminigErminig crashes on sync if no network connection exists. 
2831HighRESOLVEDmajor4.0Settings and MaintenanceAfter restore, Application Manager responds confusingly if no wifi connection is active 
4624HighRESOLVEDnormal5.0-beta2Development platformneed more recent gettext version to support "msgctxt" context WebsiteProfile has been wiped out[11] WebsiteCreate TM for Diablo updates WebsiteUnclear "social web settings"[12]
8980HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedThe One Ring"General error" received while placing GV call Website"Clone This Bug" link should require editbugs[13]
7446+HighRESOLVEDcritical5.0/(2.2009.51-1)Settings and MaintenanceUnlocking SIM card from control panel fails WebsiteApplication Catalogue revision history now useless 
11543+HighRESOLVEDcriticalunspecifiedwww2smswww2sms not started after maemo update 
11799HighRESOLVEDcriticalunspecifiednQa Audiobook PlayerContinuing Stopped - by files named by non-english characters WebsiteBrainstorm terminology mismatch - idea/solution 
10008HighRESOLVEDenhancementunspecifiedMultilistSearch only does "starts with"[14]
12057HighRESOLVEDblockerFremantleXournalCan't overwrite existing files 
8986HighRESOLVEDmajorunspecifiedFM RadioUnable to Raise/Lower volume using volume keys inside FM Radio app 
12058HighRESOLVEDmajorFremantleXournalWhen the device is lying on a flat surface, the McE may wrongly report the device is rotated. 
9756+HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedAnselASave File Currently Fails 
3357HighRESOLVEDmajor4.1 (4.2008.23-14)EmailModest lingers in memory using 100% CPU WebsiteDifferent versions of "favourite" used on Planet... WebsiteExpand user profile on[15] WebsiteChange name of "Add" button when burrying news... 
5407HighRESOLVEDcritical0.xMicrofeedmicrofeed-providers-unstable's twitter support eats cpu 
2593+HighRESOLVEDmajor4.0Desktop WidgetsGetting started does not work with Flash disabled WebsiteLogin page in new does not work[16]
7971+HighRESOLVEDmajor5.0/(3.2010.02-8)Synchronizationmail for exchange freezes when trying to sync calendar and tasks 
10280HighRESOLVEDmajor5.0-finalDevelopment platformOutdated URL in installer script WebsiteProvide link to Maemo Version wiki info when entering/displaying bugs WebsiteNon-tablet software related to Maemo should be available through downloads[17]
10028HighRESOLVEDblockerunspecifiedMultilistMultilist can't switch through lists/category without losing its database 
3373HighRESOLVEDenhancement4.1.2 (5.2008.43-7)Development platformplease provide Diablo uclibc/eabi toolchain for building stuff for initfs WebsiteWebserver uses no-cache for everything (caching repo content is not possible)[18]
10542HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedcontacts-mergerReboot needed after installing the contacts merger 
9777HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedMultilist"Active" checkmarks are strange 
3378+HighRESOLVEDnormal4.1 (4.2008.23-14)ConnectivityConnection dialog presents only previous connections and doesn't scan WebsiteCleaning the community wiki from official docs[19] WebsiteA News main page with more info[20] Website* goes to 
4151HighRESOLVEDcritical5.0-alpha-pre2Development is down 
7992HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedUkeyboardArabic HW keyboard doesn't work with the new update 
4410HighRESOLVEDnormal5.0-betaDevelopment platformosso-system-lock-l10n-public has no source package 
5946HighRESOLVEDmajorunspecifiedMaStoryCrash if going back when still trying to download blogs from blogger WebsiteLimit the size of articles appearing in Maemo Planet Websiteinstalling packages fails repeatedly with file "corrupt" error message Websitevarious problems with downloading wenn applications have the same name[21] Websiteerrors on registration page[22] WebsiteProblems with extras-devel repository on N900 ("No Hash entry in Release file")[23] Websiteresolution REMIND not documented 
2877+HighRESOLVEDmajor4.0Desktop platformIncorrect GPS timestamps reported over D-BUS Websitemail about summit should not say "1" when it means "Yes" 
1086HighRESOLVEDnormal2.2Developer GuideInvalid information in tutorial[24]
2366HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedDeveloper GuideAll applications provided by Nokia should be marked.[25] WebsitePeople leaving Nokia with assigned bugs 
7742HighRESOLVEDmajor4.5-FremantleQtApps depending on libqt4-phonon won't install on 2.2009.51-1 
11070HighRESOLVEDmajor0.6.3ConboySegmentation fault when trying sync with empty note body. Websitebury title is probably cross site scriptable[26] WebsiteEntries don't show images[27]
2624HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedDesktop platformKeys with type slide don't work in stylus virtual keyboard Websiteneed a way to unbury 
8002+HighRESOLVEDmajor5.0/(2.2009.51-1)Desktop WidgetsBeing offline, RSS Reader tries to connect for refresh unconditionally 
8515HighRESOLVEDenhancementunspecifiedThe One RingEasier way to access log 
6980HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedUkeyboardBugs In The Arabic Hardware Keyboard 
8516HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedThe One RingContact List not Appearing 
10564HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedGonvertCannot Install to Firmware PR1.2 WebsiteMisleading repository description[28]
10310+HighRESOLVEDmajor5.0:(10.2010.19-1)Desktop platformcan't write a lower case letter after a dot even if you'd do it with shift 
1095+HighRESOLVEDcriticalunspecifiedConnectivitycannot enter "s=2" needed for DUN connectivity WebsiteAdd maemo-community for discussion karma counting WebsiteChinook SDK download is broken Websitecannot add multiple install files (for IT2006 and IT2007)[29]
5962HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedDialcentralunable to complete calls out 
3403HighRESOLVEDnormal4.1 (4.2008.23-14)ConnectivityBluetooth keyboard autoconnect very flaky 
10571HighRESOLVEDcritical5.2010.16-1diablo-community-updatesps no longer supports the -ef arguments 
1100HighRESOLVEDenhancement5.0-betaFlasherflasher not available for Mac OS X PPC 
9806HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedpicodriveRonaldo picodrive megacd sound problem 
5199HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedPyMaemoInput mode functions not available on PyMaemo or PyGTK 
2896+HighRESOLVEDnormal5.0-beta2CoreBusybox prevents installing full versions of tools packages (cleanly) 
337HighRESOLVEDenhancement1.1MultimediaPoor playback of iTunes encode aac files WebsiteExtras Promoter for Diablo broken (shows traceback) 
4178+HighRESOLVEDmajor5.0-beta2Desktop platformhildon-input-method needs a finger keyboard example 
6482HighRESOLVEDenhancementunspecifiedDialcentralLog should have the platform in it 
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