7 May 10 - Qt 4.7 Beta1 packages for Maemo available read more
27 Apr 10 - Qt Mobility 1.0.0 is out but Maemo5 packages will be available after the PR 1.2. Extras-Devel still hosts old Mobility Beta packages.
22 Mar 10 - Qt 4.6.2 has replaced Qt 4.5.3 in the SDK PR 1.2. Run apt-get update && apt-get upgrade to update it.
25 Feb 10 - How to make Qt Desktop Widgets
15 Feb 10 - Qt 4.6.2 is out. Qt Mobility (beta1) packages are in extras-devel.
20 Jan 10 - Qt Mobile Demos in extras-devel
19 Jan 10 - Qt 4.6 for Maemo 5 going Beta
15 Jan 10 - New Qt 4.5.3~git20090723-0maemo6 packages are now in Fremantle PR 1.1
22 Dec 09 - Qt example for MADDE (talk thread)
17 Dec 09 - declarative hits Maemo extras-devel repository
11 Dec 09 - Bye bye old static web pages.. all our pages are now in the Maemo Wiki. Old website is here

What is Qt?

Qt (pronounced as the English word "cute") is a cross-platform application development framework. More information is available at the Qt website.

Maemo Qt main features

  • Hildon Style, so applications look like Hildon/GTK+ applications
  • Hildon Input Method, so applications can use the virtual keyboard
  • Hildon-specific widgets

Maemo Qt in Action

  • Diablo Maemo Qt
  • Fremantle Maemo Qt

Supported Maemo devices

Installing Qt

Qt can be installed in Scratchbox for development. For applications that use Qt and are installed via the application manager, the necessary Qt packages will automatically be installed.

Available and proposed Qt Applications

If you want to port a Qt application to Maemo or if you want to check if an application you love has been already ported.. this is the place you would like to check.



Non-Qt documentation

Further reading

Bug tracking


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