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Qt for Hildon does not yet provide a set of composite widgets similar to those provided in Gtk Hildon.

This page is intended to link to resources to help the community develop these widgets.

Note that they will not be part of Qt as such, but will be optional widgets to aid developing applications for Maemo.

These widgets may be useful:

  • hildon banner
  • hildon confirmation note
  • hildon dialog (with buttons on the bottom right side in landscape)
  • hildon app menu (i.e. two column finger sized view menu)
  • hildon time picker (not the legacy one)
  • hildon date picker (not the legacy one)
  • hildon picker button
  • hildon touch selector
  • hildon stackable window
  • hildon entry (including the possibility for placeholder text)
  • hildon edit toolbar (as used in the edit mode view)

These links may be of use: