Qt4 Hildon/Qt Hildon Widgets

Qt for Hildon does not yet provide a set of composite widgets similar to those provided in Gtk Hildon.

This page is intended to link to resources to help the community develop these widgets.

Note that they will not be part of Qt as such, but will be optional widgets to aid developing applications for Maemo.

For details about Maemo 5 user experience, see:

Following existing Qt Widgets have issues with Maemo 5 theming/Maemo 5 UI Style:

  • Toolbar does not have correct height
  • Toolbar icons do not have correct size (HILDON_ICON_SIZE_FINGER)
  • Dialogs do not have finger size buttons (HILDON_SIZE_FINGER_HEIGHT)
  • Dialogs do not theme dialog buttons as such (different theme from normal buttons)
  • Dialogs have type icons (e.g. warning) where has in Maemo 5 use of those icons is not allowed.
  • Dialog buttons should stack on top of each other, but currently they layout themselves horizontally
  • Checkboxes should be embedded into button => Checkboxbutton.
  • overall in many places margins/paddings are not the same as in Maemo 5 UI.
  • keyboard accelerator hints (underscores) are being shown, while Maemo 5 UI Style requires them to be hidden
  • Stock dialogs use button strings such as "OK" and "Cancel", which are forbidden in Maemo 5 UI Style. "OK" should be replaced with an action string or with "Done". The "Cancel" should be removed, as dialogs are cancelled by tapping outside of the dialog.
  • stock "Exit" command should be removed from the menus. It is not allowed in Maemo 5 UI Style.
  • Sliders/Scales?
  • Button heights?
  • Text input fields/text areas(?)

Following important Hildon widgets need the respective Qt Hildon widget (in priority order):

Following QT toolkit widgets are not optimized for mobile ui, and consequently are not finger usable on high DPI touchscreens like Nokia N900.

  • QColorDialog
  • QFontDialog
  • ...

These links may be of use: