Qt4 hildon applications

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* Bug Reporting: http://qt4.garage.maemo.org/bug.html
* Bug Reporting: http://qt4.garage.maemo.org/bug.html
* Repository: Extras
* Repository: Extras
* Install it in fremantle:[[Image:Application install.png]]
* Install it in '''fremantle''':
**[[Image:Application install.png]]

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File:Available-qtapps-32.png Ported Qt Applications

These applications are already available in Maemo extras repositories.

They live in extras if they are stable or extras-devel if they are not fully tested.

These entries should have at least:

  • Application Name
  • Short Description
  • Website or link to the original sources
  • Maemo website (If any)
  • Bug reporting: Bug report tool link or author contact
  • Repository: Extras and/or Extras-Devel





File:TestingApp-icon32.png Tested Qt Applications

These applications are not yet in the Maemo extras repositories.

If you have tested a Qt application just for fun or because you are going to port an application that you haven't packaged for Maemo yet

then this is the right place to put some notes about it.

The entries in this section should have at least:

  • Application Name
  • Short Description
  • Website or link to the original sources
  • Maemo tester contact
  • TODO list


  • Application Name: RetroMessenger
  • Short Description
It is a server less and most secure Instant messenger based on QT and retroshare (http://retroshare.sf.net) having features of chat and Link-sharing and also available feature which can be included on requirement are Message, File sharing and Games.Further new implementation subject to available support in retroshare library is "VOIP". 
  • Website or link to the original sources
  • Maemo tester contact: panpaliamahen@gmail.com
  • TODO list
 (1)To test on target with "ARMEL" compile.
 (2)Need to do packaging for Maemo (binary and used dlls are available, so     
    also require to make a debian package if required ).
 (3)Need to take care of available maximum Memory uses and few user     
    interfaces are required to cutomize according to size of mobile screen.


File:Ktip.png Proposed Qt Application to port/write

If you are looking forward to see a specific Qt application in Maemo, then you can propose here to the Maemo Qt community to port/Write that app in/for Maemo.

The entries in this section must have at least:

  • Application name (you can suggest a name if the app doesn't exist yet)
  • Application description
  • Applicant/s - if an application has been already requested and you really want to see that app in Maemo, then you can add your contact here next to the others.

Blog client

  • Full featured blog client
    • WYSIWYG editor
    • Media upload support
  • Applicant/s:
    • antonio.aloisio AT gmail.com
    • your.name AT mail.org