Queen BeeCon Widget


Overview and Description

Queen BeeCon Widget (See Talk Thread) is a highly customizable and flexible widget-based multi-instance monitoring and alerting tool.

The Widget is based on the execution of external Shell/OS Commands which can be either as simple as one-liner statements or as complex as articulated shell scripts, which, for example, fetch, parse and aggregate contents retreived from the system, other applications or the Internet.

There are two basic Widget types, Beecons and Snippets:

Beecons are small hexagonal cells whose background color or associated image/icon changes according to the executed Command Exit Status.

Beecons can handle virtually unlimited Command Exit Status:

  • <0 Normally notifying system errors in esecuting the script/command
  • 0 Returned when script/command successfully completes
  • 1 Used to report a warning condition
  • 2 If script/command needs to notify some application error conditions
  • <=126 Other exit status which can be handled for displaying user defined icons/images

Beecons can be either clustered/tiled to represent logically grouped beecons (or "BeeHives" :D ) or stacked to logically connect a parent to children Beecons.

Snippets are normal text/graphic boxes with fixed background color and images which is not influenced by the executed Command Exit Status.

Current Status in Maemo Repositories

(v0.1.4 extras-devel / v0.1.4 extras-testing)

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[HowTo] Import Procedure for Beecon Exported Instance Data

[HowTo] Copy Exported Instance Data to Phone's Clipboard

[HowTo] Export/Save Procedure for Beecon Instance Data

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