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I'd like to add a more detailed summary of the changes that CSSU has been making; something like a page for each package. The purpose would be to educate people about the value of the CSSU -- in particular, me! (I've had to go scrounging around dozens of places to find out exactly what has been changed). Basically, I want something more detailed and newbie-friendly than a bare changelog. This could be added to the "features" page, or perhaps a new set of pages linked below the "features" section of the main page. For example, the page for Modest would look something like this:


Changes to Modest

Several changes and improvements have been made to the Modest e-mail server in the CSSU:

Attribution and Signature

As in many lightweight e-mail clients, such as "Hotmail", "Yahoo mail", and older versions of "Outlook", the PR1.3 and earlier versions of Modest place the user's "signature" text at the top of an outgoing message, and when replying to an e-mail, places no attribution on the quoted text. The CSSU changes this by placing the signature at the bottom of the message, and attributing quoted text to the person who sent it.

(An example or screenshot would go here.)

For more information, see:

Tree Format

Added the ability to view messages(?) in tree format. (I'm still trying to pin down exactly what this does, I can't find any documentation anywhere. I haven't yet dug through the source code itself, that'll probably be my next stop.)

(A screenshot would be extremely useful here.)

Offline IMAP support

Addded "offline IMAP support". (Again, can't find details anywhere. More info after digging into the source code.)

Extra "Send" button

In PR1.2, an extra "Send" button was appended to the bottom of (something) when writing a new e-mail, for the sake of convenience. In PR1.3, this button was removed. The CSSU returns this functionality to Modest.

(A screenshot would be lovely here.)

For more information, see:

New deletion behavior

A very subtle, but useful change in behavior: after deleting a message, PR1.3 Maemo will display the message chronologically previous to the one deleted. The CSSU instead displays the next message. Most e-mail clients choose to show the next message, as it aids in quickly managing incoming messages with a minimum of navigation.

For more information, see:

Improved copy to clipboard

Improved support for copying non-editable text to the clipboard. Officially, Maemo 5 only supports cut/copy/paste operations within editable text widgets, but unofficially some ability to copy non-editable regions has always existed. The CSSU includes fixes for this ability.

For more information, see:

BTW, I'm "jpietrzak8" (or "Copernicus" on TMO); I guess this thing doesn't automatically attribute entries to the discussion page?