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[edit] Beagle

Kevin Kubasik to qgil, foundation-list

So I noticed no one from Beagle was slated to attend, is there interest in bringing someone from the project out? If no other beagle guys are available, I'm completely willing to go an represent the project, its just that I haven't been that involved in it the past few months. Kevin Kubasik -

@Kevin, I don't think that qgil is in charge of selecting who represents what. I guess its for you to decide if you want to join the hackfest. But I have a sense that simply representing a project is not the purpose of this meeting; it is better to have someone who is actively involved with the project and can make significant contributions to the meeting.

From Kevin: I feel like while I have been less involved lately, I still have plenty to offer regarding new development/the 'beagle viewpoint'. I'm not 100% sure how attending the hackfest works, but as long as I can find a cheaper flight, I would very much like to share both my ideas for the future of search in Gnome, and make sure that Beagle can continue to be a real desktop search option for Gnome users.