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  • 1st SSU

Patches available in

IDSummary (53 tasks) ComponentSeverityVotes
community-diablo, patch2639
Home view needs to have an option to lock desktop applets into placeHomeenhancement52
community-diablo, patch3519
Integrate screen rotation patches into stock kernel and X serverX Serverenhancement33
community-diablo, patch2141
Allow setting priority in Jabber/GTalkPresenceenhancement19
community-diablo, patch2150
PDF Reader doesn't support internal document hyperlinksPDF readernormal17
DNS resolution ignores local domainNetworkingenhancement16
community-diablo, patch2710
Don't show disclaimers unnecesarily when installing/updating softwareApplication managerenhancement13
community-diablo, community-fremantle, easyfix7014
ash saves only 15 lines of historyBusyboxenhancement12
community-diablo, easyfix, patch2747
inconsistent mmc device naming at boot time when one card is missingKernelnormal11
community-diablo, patch2704
PDF Reader needs more zoom levels between 50% and 150%PDF readerenhancement9
community-diablo, patch4914
Add context menu to XTerm (for URLs, etc)X Terminalenhancement7
community-diablo, patch3941
Signature separator misses trailing space (RFC 3676 violation)Generalnormal5
community-diablo, patch4930
PDF Reader doesn't use optimal screen width in fit width mode.PDF readerenhancement5
community-diablo, patch3004
Modest pops up even when only read messages are in IMAP inboxGeneralnormal4
community-diablo, patch3215
sqlite3 command-line application is not availableToolsenhancement4
community-diablo, patch3243
g_ether / RNDIS is broken in kernel 2.6.21Kernelnormal4
community-diablo, patch4840
Strip original message signatures from replies ("-- " separator)Generalenhancement4
community-diablo, patch4916
Re-enable reset and/or reset-and-clear in osso-xtermX Terminalenhancement3
community-diablo, easyfix5896
"sudo gainroot" root shells write their history in user's history filegeneralnormal3
community-diablo, patch2553
Please make folder view finger-sizedGeneralenhancement2
community-diablo, easyfix, patch2679
xterm needs also "Close window" menu optionX Terminalenhancement2
community-diablo, patch3103
Improving category viewApplication managerenhancement2
community-diablo, patch3250
Keys of special characters of the physical keyboard don't work at web text entriesMicroB enginemajor2
community-diablo, easyfix, patch3286
Allow "refresh repositories" button on toolbar to be pressed in the main viewApplication managerenhancement2
community-diablo, crash, patch3793
Segmentation fault when ossofilemanager access SMB sharesFile managercritical2
community-diablo, patch2714
PDF Reader: Page up should go to Bottom of Previous Page (instead of Top)PDF readerenhancement1
community-diablo, patch, upstream3071
In "screen", backspace key gives "^@" (nul character) instead of "^?"X Terminalnormal1
community-diablo, patch3123
Patch to kernel to allow DSP framebuffer sharing on N8x0 devicesKernelnormal1
community-diablo, patch3439
Connects to Audio but does not play sound when successfully installing packageApplication managerminor1
community-diablo, patch, upstream, use-time3455
telepathy-gabble deadloopingXMPPnormal1
community-diablo, patch3618
No font fits in fullscreen mode & toolbar disabled due to 1 pixel borderX Terminalnormal1
community-diablo, patch, upstream3957
Busybox does not support "ls -Q" which some scripts needBusyboxnormal1
community-diablo, patch4225
The x11vnc does not work on some areas of the screenApplication Menunormal1
community-diablo, patch, upstream4803
Modest sends empty ENABLE command when IMAP server advertises ENABLE but not CONDSTORE or QRESYNC capabilitiesGeneralnormal1
community-diablo, patch, scalability397
HildonSeekbar has hardcoded sizehildon-widgetsnormal
community-diablo, patch, scalability409
HildonVolumebar widgets have hardcoded sizehildon-widgetsnormal
community-diablo, patch901
osso_thumbnail_factory_load() needs destroy callbackhildon-thumbnailnormal
community-diablo, patch2070
When application lasts on respond, long ESC keypress not working, or short ESC keypress closing the apphildon-widgetsnormal
community-diablo, patch2249
FM Radio frequency not set for use in JapanKernelenhancement
community-diablo, patch2281
Accelerator Labels not shown in menus created with GtkUIManagergtknormal
community-diablo, patch2491
cant run camera applications with v4l2Kernelmajor
community-diablo, easyfix, patch2504
Typo in cx3110 driverWiFinormal
community-diablo, patch2554
Add "Move to folder" button in main viewGeneralenhancement
community-diablo, patch2625
Add "Truncate Title" option in RSS appletRSS feed readerenhancement
community-diablo, patch, upstream2781
fails to import non-UTF8 QUOTED-PRINTABLE vcardGeneralnormal
community-diablo, patch2837
osso-gtk.defs assumes that user is the only valid userstartup-shutdownminor
community-diablo, patch2863
Allow setting of MTU per access pointNetworkingenhancement
community-diablo, patch3377
Portuguese language missing in SU-8W xkb fileX Servermajor
community-diablo, easyfix, patch3470
Control panel needs fullscreen modeControl panelenhancement
community-diablo, patch3498
Add "Zooming to x%" messages to ModestGeneralenhancement
community-diablo, easyfix, patch3852
Boot from mmc/usb: root ext3 filesystem gets mounted as ext2File systemnormal
community-diablo, patch3876
some modifications in about:config reset to default when browser restartedMicroB enginenormal
community-diablo, moreinfo, patch9052
Enhance hildon-desktop to emit a signal on key press in window switcherwindow-managerenhancement
The joydev.ko kernel module is missing in the Diablo kernel packageKernelenhancement

Requests from thread.

Nokia not-yet-released fixes

Maybe we can convince Nokia to publish them (even as non-free if appropriate).

  • bug 1797 focus in textarea and pressing backspace in vkb triggers page back
  • bug 2450 Audio recording above sampling rate of 8KHz
  • bug 3144 Device starts reboot loop when charging
  • bug 3501 hildon_window_update_topmost() should handle/ignore windows that haven't been realized
  • bug 3583 libhildonmime fails to build with -Wformat-security due to variable format strings
  • bug 3660 going off- then on-line with ad-hoc doesn't reconnect wifi
  • bug 3793 Segmentation fault when ossofilemanager access SMB shares
  • bug 3830 IP Routing Table Incorrectly configured for Wi-Fi with static address
  • bug 3970 Media player doesn't detect media files / cannot restart metalayer-crawler

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