Talk:N900 USB networking

Is it possible to use the voip stack with USB networking only?

Connecting to Fedora 12

I managed to get usb networking working on a Fedora 12 host by following the instructions at distilled down to the following three statements:

 ip address add dev usb0
 ip link set dev usb0 up
 route add -host dev usb0

Once I did and followed the instructions for the N900, could I do flawless two-way communication!

There still seem to be some problems that meamo is "unaware" of the usb0 networking. It would be nice if usb0 was listed in the list of Internet connection as one of the possible connection options.

--dov 06:53, 2 February 2010 (UTC)

Check /etc/resolv.conf in N900

If you have done everything as per the tutorial and still unable to access PC internet connection from N900, copy the contents of /etc/resolv.conf in the PC to the /etc/resolv.conf in N900 and it should work like a charm.


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