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Unclear about a couple lines

Don't want to pick nits, but as a relatively inexperienced Linux user, I would like to remove any ambiguity from instructions like these.

So, at the end, the instructions say:

For both devices
Successfully tested on n810 WM with 5.2008.43-7. After following the appropriate steps for your device, continue and run:

Three devices are listed above the heading -- was the N810 Wimax Edition added later and the heading after it not changed? This could read "For all three devices" or "For N800, N810 and N810we" and there would be no confusion then.

The information that it has been successfully tested on an N810we seems parenthetical, and shouldn't be put first, I think. Is this equivalent and correct?

After taking the above steps appropriate for your device, continue by running the following command (successfully tested on an N810we with 5.2008.43-7):

Or could the information about having been tested be made bold and italic, so that it's more easily seen as a datapoint and not the beginning of the next step?

Here's where my real stumble occurs -- are those three separate commands to complete or just one really long command? If it's one really long command, may I suggest a note indicating that; and if it's three commands then indicate that by saying "continue by running the following commands" and explicitly using the plural? I know that as someone with little experience, I would be reassured to have this spelled out explicitly before I proceed.

On review, I see this line near the top:

There are two slightly different sets of packages for the N800 and the N810, so follow the appropriate steps for your device.

Since there are three different packages that might be specified, surely this should say "three" instead of "two"? Oh, I'm going to go ahead and make this correction, since it's obvious even to me :-) rsperberg 19:31, 15 February 2009 (UTC)

missed *.deb files

Does anybody have required *.deb packages in his backups? Looks like not providing them anymore. Does it makes sense to put all the staff into more safe place so it will be available for the community? Thanks in advance, Andrey.

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What is the situation with rotation on the N900?

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