Talk:Using Fremantle widgets

On Gtk+ widgets

(Information extracted *as is* from the Hildon 2.2 Widget UI Specification to be published before the Maemo 5 final release)

There are many Gtk+ widgets which are not used in Maemo at all. The list below contains widgets that are still in use.

State Widget Description
HILDON 2.2 GtkLabel
Used normally in both legacy and Hildon 2.2 apps.
LEGACY GtkEntry REPLACED by HildonEntry
LEGACY GtkTextView REPLACED by HildonTextView
LEGACY GtkExpander REPLACED by HildonPannableArea. Any show/hide toggling is not recommended for Hildon 2.2.
LEGACY GtkNotebook REPLACED by HildonPannableArea. Tabs of any kind are NOT used in Hildon 2.2
LEGACY GtkScrolledWindow REPLACED by HildonPannableArea. No scrollbars, direct finger panning instead.
OBSOLETE GtkMenuBar REPLACED by HildonAppMenu
OBSOLETE GtkColorSelectionDialog
REPLACED by HildonPickerButton and HildonPickerDialog. Build the color/font picker using generic Hildon Touch List Picker.
OBSOLETE GtkFileChooserButton
OBSOLETE GtkStatusBar Use content area instead, there's no equivalent UI element to status bar in Hildon2.2
OBSOLETE GtkPageSetupUnixDialog

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Fire AND Flood tweets

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ClosingCorp estimated that the residential mortgage industry has more than $7 billion in loan value and more than $60 million dollars in service fee and transfer tax revenue at risk through recent California Wildfires. ClosingCorp based its estimate on residential mortgage applications in the FEMA designated impacted areas for the Easy, Getty, Kincade, Saddleridge and Tick that will fire. An mortgage request is defined for this analysis as mortgages that are due to close between October 24, 2019 when the initial fire was declared by FEMA and the end of the year. When events honestly occur, Many lenders have broad and prudent policies to suspend loan closings until the event has passed and damage assessments can be completed. At a minimum this means the income in loan closings is deferred. in so many cases, New home inspections and often new appraisals will be required before the mortgages can be approved and the sales completed. actually, The damage can lead to significant delays or cause deals to fall apart.

Mortgage Solution Financial posted a comment regarding the California Fires Fire Management.

An update has been made to the Bayview Lakeview Loan Servicing Disaster File in response to digging in San Jacinto county in Texas Tropical Storm Imelda disaster.

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