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First all i would like to thank you for the amazing pudorct at our service, finally not only as the n series has blown the expectations of high end technology but as let the consumers all able full modify their mobile they way we want it, just like everyone's desktop is different at home. I am inspired music engineer(21) and i carried the N95-1, my first nokia was when i was very young(canada) nokia 3330,than decided to get a new nokia,the symbian was easy, and i liked snake, so i got the nokia 6600(2004)and i fell in love with the phone and the nokia the brand , promised to buy any mobile from nokia. carried the phone for two years, the camera was amazing back than. Within the love with nokia i started to a lot of research on nokia and the beginning of smart phones. Than the N95-1(2006) was release and became my first n-series.To me a classic phone Unfortunately i do carry the phone with me , although its in my room it is broken(my friend dropped it , it was the first time the phone was damage. I decided not to buy a cellphone until i see the next n series made a MOBILE DEVICE, to be honest the n958gb and the n96 did not appeal to me.I wanted something different,like the n93 to the n95. Now this summer(2009) was remarkable, with the announce of the n97, defiantly my next phone.(actually yesterday was the first time i saw the phone in Canada, a women from the mid-east had the white one) AMAZING!!. since the release i've been planning to save to buy it. Until later august I heard about the N900; and believe me i spent hours reading the specs of this phone, and i am blown. It is the mobile device that i have dreamed of. I know I've been typing a lot, i wanted to contact nokian900 but i couldn't find a canadian outsource for a question and inquiry. I googled the VP of the pudorct and found your blog......I am not sure if it was announced or confirmed, but to release of the phone. Will the N900 be release only by 3G HSDPA 1700 / 2100 / 900 ?Will the GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 users (such as I,AT&T/Rogers/Fido) be able to use the N900? In request the phone doesn't have to be sold in countries such as the n95-1. Mine was ordered from the UK. It leaves confused if the phone will be release in gsm capability. (labrecstudios@gmail.com)awaiting a response if possible.Thank you