Desired Features


    • Calendar function with iCal support - import/export functions
    • Interaction (or import from) with Web enabled calendars - namely Google, Zoho Planner, 30 Boxes
    • Integrate Calendar with Addressbook component - for easy inter communication between apps
      • Automatically import anniversairies and birthdays from addressbook oponent and calculate (current age e.g.) - asys3
    • Interact Calendar with Web Browser - so as to enable opening a web link from a Calendar event directly
    • Allow generic and open format of Calendar data - so that it can be used by 3rd party apps as well (i.e. sqlite)
    • Synching
      • Support syncml to synchronize dates to mobile phone and a server pim database (e.g. funambol, evolution) - asys3
      • Support CalDAV - boxofsnoo
      • Support synching over bluetooth and wlan - asys3
    • Interaction with email program - allow to open a mail with a specific date attached - asys3
      • Better yet, copy the mail body into the notes field of the event. - boxofsnoo
    • Monthly grid view
    • Integrate to-do items into schedule - items with no date should show up on 'today' - boxofsnoo
      • wouldn't that get very messy quickly? have options for the display [ ] events [ ] tasks [ ] mails ... ? --lcuk 22:40, 30 October 2008 (UTC)
        • most PIM apps on, say, Palm do this already. The options are typically to hide undated, or only show tasks that are pending. Mails are completely unnecessary, if it's a task that's mailed, it will typically already be converted into one or the other. - boxofsnoo

Address Book

    • import/export functions
    • Integration with the Calendar component - allow for cross application interaction
    • Import/export from web Contact apps - namely Google Contact, Yahoo Address Book etc.
    • Allow user added fields (e.g. 4 mobile phone numbers if needed, 2 URLs for home an private website) - asys3
    • Either allow multiple format masks for fields like phone numbers or do not enforce a format on them.
      • (E.g. "US" formatted phone numbers just look wrong in other countries) - cyta
      • Agreed, most of the best contact apps do not enforce formats. - boxofsnoo
    • Integrate with Maemo email client - so as to allow selection/adding to and from the addressbook and email client together
    • Allow active web links from any contact information to interact with Web browser.
    • Allow generic and open format of Calendar data - so that it can be used by 3rd party apps as well
      • should be VCARD - look for best suitable VCARD definition - asys3
    • Synching
      • Support syncml to synchronize dates to mobile phone and a server pim database (e.g. funambol, evolution) - asys3
      • Support synching over bluetooth and wlan - asys3

ToDo List

    • Items should have start date, completion date, priority, tags as well as description and completed.
    • Should optionally be finger-friendly (especially relevant for to-do lists)
    • Subtasks/Projects
    • Integration with sites like ToodleDo or RememberTheMilk.
    • Recurring tasks
    • Categorized/tagged filtered view

General/shared features

SIMPLE views for the UI dialogs. most of the time as a user I do not require all these things, yes we need them there, but an option to dumb down or remove the extra stuff would be really important to me.

  • for instance, most todo items for me simply need a description, once they are on the list I know they need doing

--lcuk 22:25, 30 October 2008 (UTC)

The GTD philosophy is to collect simply and easily, and process later. A quick entry option would be wise - or a tabbed interface like mCalendar or Pimlico Dates.- boxofsnoo

Allow items to be tagged with more than one tag and allow filtering on multiple tags.

  • So, a contact may work for Company X, be alumnus of school Y and be a part of SIG A. I would like to be able to assign tags "X", "Y", and "SIG A" and later filter on any of these tags to find all my contacts who work for "X" and were once in "Y" etc.

-- cyta

Status of current PIM apps

Could we list what's good and what's missing in the various current PIMs? Might give us an idea of where to start improving things (especially for those who've not used all of them)

I've started with a few apps I could find, there are doubtless others, please add them (and urls, and change the urls there if there's something better) --Lardman 30 Oct 2008 21:56 UTC

Pimlico Dates




Pimlico Tasks




Pimlico Contact




GPE Calendar



Has :

  • Day view
  • Week view
  • Month view
  • List view

Can publish/retrieve to/from remote iCal servers (eg eGroupware)

Has multiple calendars (eg remote, work, social)

Has reminder service

Can publish/export as iCal


  • Missing Native sync support
  • No Two-week (or 3-day) grid view
  • No Year view
  • Missing Per task formatting (icons would be nice) --boxofsnoo 21:00, 30 October 2008 (UTC)
  • No options for start/stop of the day, or time increments (15 min, 30 min, 1 hour)
  • No options for non-shaded/combined weekends

GPE To-do list


  • Categories
  • Ability to purge completed tasks


  • Buttons are too tiny, even for stylus use
  • No subtasks/projects or tags
  • No start date
  • No integration with calendar (apart from applet)
  • No alarms on due date

GPE Contacts


  • Quick lookup 3-letter tabs on left
  • Search
  • Categories





  • finger friendly
  • in active development
  • desktop integration
  • maemo targeted


  • Grid views missing
  • Can't deselect an online calendar from sync - all or nothing
  • Can't enter tasks into subcalendars
  • Tied only to Google calendar
  • No iCal import


Small but fully featured addressbook engine