Task:Proof-read Human Interface Guidelines

Proof-reading Fremantle Human Interface Guidelines

The Maemo Human Interface Guidelines are being released for Fremantle. It has been suggested that they could benefit from being proof-read by native speakers.

Let's do this together! Proof-reading a document can be spread over a large number of people quite easily. Here's how we do it:

  • List the table of contents (chapter/section) here, with a column for proof-readers to sign off.
  • When you proof-read a section, include comments and corrections related to the section in the appropriate wiki page (linked from the table of contents), and add your name in the "proof-reader" column.
  • Comments will be reviewed before inclusion in the final version. Comments on the comments, and other suggested improvements, should be added to this page.

Human Interface Guidelines

  1. Introduction: notes - ----
  2. Usability Principles notes
  3. Device Orientation
  4. Windows
    • Window Views
    • Properties of Windows
      • Titles
      • Sizes
    • Notes and Banners
      • Information Notes
      • Confirmation Notes
      • Banner
    • Dialogs
      • Wizard Dialogs
  5. View Menu
    • What if more menus are needed?
    • Filters
    • Menu Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Menu Items Sensitiveness
  6. Hildonizing an Interface
    • Divide and Conquer
    • Do Not Repeat Yourself
  7. Controls
    • Using Controls Effectively
    • Text Entry Fields
      • Behavior of Tab key
    • Touch Selectors
      • Touch Selector Entry
      • Picker Button
    • Date Selector
      • Date Button
    • Time Selector
      • Time Button
    • Toolbars
      • Exceptional Usage of Toolbars
      • Special Toolbars
    • Buttons
    • Check Buttons
    • Toggle Buttons
    • Notebooks
    • Progress Indicator
    • Sliders
  8. User Input
    • Input Hardware
      • Hard Keys
    • Finger Interaction
      • Two Hand Usage
      • One Hand Usage
      • Soft Keys and Touch Types
    • Stylus Interaction
    • Dimensions
    • Interaction Actions
      • Copy, paste, cut
      • Panning
  9. Icons
  10. Reality Checks
    • Harware Keys
    • Different Devices