Good afternoon,sir. We are two students from chinese university. We have recently studing how to do a global search in n900.And we find tracker is a good tool for us to search everything both metedata and text in n900.It's known to tracker can do full-text search if add extractor which is not plenty now.We heard from out fellow brother there is a good event of google summer code recently.So we hope to do a tracker full-text extractor in this chance. It is known you are the famous expert of tracker in maemo community.We long for you can be our mentor in the project and tutor us. Because we are master in bupt and my teacher is the top science in bejing nokia research center.So it's no worry about the facility in our search. Actually we have coden in maemo in two years.But we got to tracker just fiercely hope you can tutor us. If you have some information to us,please contact with thank you very much.