User:Speedevil/N900 software rescue disk

This is a brief page outlining thoughts on rescue disks.

If you've bootlooped your device, and it sort-of-comes up - but not all the way - what can you do? Well - flash it of course.

none of this is tested - it's hypothetical to get my thoughts in order.


Booting from mmc


Flash the kernel to the device.

untar the image to the first partition of a microSD.

Use flasher to boot it. Correct any oopses in script editing or stuff. Reflash original kernel.

A better way

Work out how to boot a fs from MyDocs - which is a vfat partition. Plug n900 in - when off - it will now present MyDocs as a vfat device you can mount. Clear 500M or so of space (if needed).

Place boot filesystem on MyDocs. boot it using flasher, as above, to pass appropriate parameters to kernel.