Speed up web browsing

This is a brief introduction how to speed up web pages.

[edit] Filtering content

See article Ad blocking for multiple solutions to filter web pages from unwanted content.

[edit] Caching proxy

Caching proxies were traditionally used to speed up browsing on the world wide web. Some 3G operators still provide them. Sometimes, these proxies also lower the quality of JPEG images in order to save bandwidth. Opera Mini, a Java ME browser for mobile platforms, is known to utilize a caching proxy, run by Opera Software ASA. One may also configure such proxy on their own server, for example Privoxy.

[edit] Disable flash

If you don't need flash, you can disable it entirely and enjoy much faster surfing experience.

To disable Flash, open your browser options via the menu bar, select "Add-ons" and select and disable "Shockwave Flash" in the "Plugins" tab.