Community SSU/Development/In-built applications

[edit] In-built applications

Here is a list of in-built applications in the Community SSU.

Application Sources Bugzilla Comments
Mail (Modest) Yes Yes Fixes: 1, 2, 3. Discussion here
Application Manager (HAM) Yes
X Terminal Yes Yes Yes Fixes: 1
PDF Reader Yes
RSS Reader Yes Improvements coming
Clock Yes This is open source replecement, see thread
Contacts No
Calendar No
Image Viewer No
File Manager No Alternative: File Box
Camera Yes This is open source clone, info in this thread
Notes No Alternative: Conboy
Drawing No
Calculator Yes This is open source clone
Control Panel Yes
Backup No
Phone No
Conversations No Customize Conversations application
Web Browser No Alternative: Firefox Mobile 1.1 in OVI Store. Download beta version
Media Player Yes An OSS replacement is on its way, info in this thread
Maps No Add extra features to Nokia Maps
Blocks Yes
Chess Yes
Mahjong Yes
Marbles Yes


  • Include links to sources in Gitorious.
  • Include links to sources in Bugzilla.