Community SSU/Features/Camera UI

CSSU version 20.2010.36-maemo14 (released 11.04.2011) received a new camera-ui (a rewrite of the old application by Nicolai Hess).

[edit] New features

The new camera-ui isn't just a rewrite, it contains new features (note that keys are case sensitive, for example R = shift + r):

  • Use the on screen button to capture, or press c on the keyboard, or press the shutter button full way directly (without the half press to focus).
  • Color filters can applied to the image before capturing them, use the on screen button to change filters.
  • White balance can be changed with "w" on the keyboard or the on screen button in the bottom toolbar.
  • A timer can be used to capture an image, use the on screen button to select the time, make sure you've focused the image first.
  • Automatic UI opening (on camera lens Opening or on the cam key press) can be disabled in the title bar menu settings.
  • After focusing, the distance is shown at the top right of the screen.

Keyboard control:

The keys are case sensitive, for example R = shift + r

v Video mode

a Automatic Photo mode

p portrait

m macro

l landscape

n night

V night video

i cycle through the Automatic/100/200/400/800/1600 ISO setting.

w toggle through white balance modes

c capture image

r start/stop recording

p pause recording

z/Z decrease/increase zoom

f/F decrease/increase focus (step 1)

g/G drecrease/increase focus (step 50)

1 set min focus

0 set max focus

R/r enable/disable raw image mode (raw files have the normal image name with .dng extension)

t toggle White LED

h toggle indicator light (Red LED)

b/B switch to the front camera/Switch to the back Camera (Works in Video Mode Only)


- extra settings (lenscover/focusbutton behavior) are saved in gconf (/apps/camera/settings/extra-settings/)

-There is an option in the menu (tap on the title bar and disable "open on focus pressed") it is useful when you want To use any camera dependent application because when the capture button is pressed, camera-ui2 Will start and prevent using that application and minimize it (MIR or bless n900 for e.g.)

[edit] Regressions

  • Tagging photos with the tag cloud is not possible, a workaround is to open the photo in the image viewer (bottom right button in the preview window) then use the button there, this dialog is closed source, a reimplementation might be considered.