Showing album art in the Media Player

There are 2 methods for associating album art with songs in the built-in media player.

[edit] Embedded

The first is to embed the art inside the song itself (this is actually one of the options described in the second method below). According to this discussion, the art needs to be tagged as "cover.front" in order to appear properly.

[edit] Separate File

The second way is provide the art in a separate file in the same directory as the songs. For this to work, there are some rules that need to be followed when naming the art (see Gnome's Media Art Storage Spec for the details).

The simplest option is to name the cover art "cover.<ext>", where "<ext>" must be replaced with the proper file extension.

One downside to this method is that the art also shows up in the image viewer (aka the "Photos" app).

Note that if the music has already been indexed by the N900's tracker, further work will be required. It is easiest to move the directory containing the songs and art somewhere that the tracker does not index ("tmp" in the file browser works), then move it back. If this does not work, the tracker database may also need to be reset before the directory is moved back.

It may be necessary to remove any .mediaartlocal directories; you can do this safely from terminal:

find /home/MyDocs -name .mediaartlocal -delete

The tracker database can be reset by opening up X Terminal and typing "tracker-processes -r", then hitting enter.