Mer/Nokia wishlist

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This list is not exclusive. File names are only included as a pointer towards the software we're interested in.


[edit] What we need:

[edit] N800/N810

low-level / hardware support

  • wifi 'cal' - /mnt/initfs/usr/bin/wlan-cal
  • wifi firmware: 3826.arm ( 3825.arm ?)
  • Battery Monitoring Entity - /mnt/initfs/usr/bin/bme_RX-{34,44,48}
  • dsme and related modules - /mnt/initfs/usr/sbin/dsmetool /mnt/initfs/usr/lib/dsme/lib/dsme/*
  • bluetooth firmware: bc4fw.bin
  • DSP tasks and related software
  • Any libraries required to use DSP-based sound output

[edit] 770

low-level / hardware

  • wifi firmware / wifi drivers
  • bme
  • dsme and related modules
  • bluetooth firmware: brf6150fw.bin

[edit] What we'd like:

  • flash
  • skype
  • gizmo5
  • map
  • better alarm clock
  • Possibility to install to Nokia E90 Communicator (since end of life cycle)