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Mupen64Plus is a Nintendo 64 cross-platform plugin-based emulator which is capable of accurately playing many games. This article is intended for Maemo users.

Please, note that for a better result, post logs of games running on stock speed in the compability list, this is due many reasons, if you do OC your device, you know you will get an improvement.

[edit] Installation

If you are updating to this version from any previous command-line version, remove existing state
cp -R .mupen64plus/save .
rm -R .mupen64plus
mv save .mupen64plus/

Also, if you updated to latest version, and get a black screen stuck on gles2n64 0.0.x you must remove gles2n64.cfg doing the following.:

rm /home/user/.mupen64plus/gles2n64.cfg

Install the mupen64plus-arm package from extras-devel

[edit] Custom configuration

A customised configuration is useful for keybindings, such as quitting the emulator by pressing the q key, and some useful settings to speed up emulation.

  1. Create the ~/.mupen64plus directory, if it does not exist:
    mkdir .mupen64plus
  2. Download the custom configuration.
  3. Extract the custom configuration:
    cd .mupen64plus
    tar -xzf /home/user/MyDocs/customconfig.tar.gz

The keybindings in the custom configuration are as follows:

  • z = R
  • x = A
  • c = B
  • v = L
  • Space = Z
  • Enter = Start
  • Arrow Keys = Dpad
  • IJKL = Joystick
  • TFGH = C buttons
  • q = Quit the emulator
  • p = Pause the emulator

Also note that:

  • Frameskip is set to 2.
  • Framebuffer is disabled and resolution is 800x480
  • Memory Pak is enabled
  • Audio is disabled as it sounds terrible.

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