Summer'12 Device Program/Qt 5 Mobile Projects


The 25 participants have been selected. Thank you everybody!

We are looking for brave & experienced developers willing to port or develop apps running on top of Qt 5 before its finally release. Currently Qt 5 alpha is released, the beta version is expected during June and the final in August/September.

The main motivations for this activity are mixture of:

  • Helping testing Qt 5 itself and providing feedback while it's alpha/beta.
  • Helping testing the Qt 5 libraries for the Nokia N9.
  • Getting stories of real apps ported from Qt 4 to Qt 5. Trivial? Horrible? What are the pain points? And what about Qt Creator and the documentation available?
  • Getting developers to play with the new toys: Qt Quick 2, textures, transitions, graphics / video effects, raw OpenGL ES stuff, post-Mobility APIs, the new Qt WebKit, JSON DB, ongoing R&D on PhoneGap own JQuery based experiments...

This is the same motivation we have for the QtonPi program, but for mobile development the N9 provides a touch display and many more sensors and hardware features that bare bones boards are missing.


Please add below your preference for N950 or N9 and send an email to quim.gil nokia com with your Nokia Developer userID. Make sure your Nokia Developer profile contains the right contact & shipping details. Thanks!

  • DATA RECEIVED = Quim has received your email with your data and has added it to a nice spreadsheet.
  • DONE = The developer has received the device.

  1. DATA RECEIVED - N9 - fMobi (Qt/QML app for Facebook), by Juuso Kosonen - Qt Profile (jkosonen) - Experienced at qt/qml development to mobile. I have plenty of apps already available from Nokia Store. Qt Ambassador. I prefer N9
  2. DONE - N9 - TwimGo, NewsFlow, Nelisquare by Tommi Laukkanen - Feature rich Twitter client written in Qt Quick. Qt Ambassador. (other projects merged to this entry --qgil 21:08, 30 May 2012 (UTC) ) I prefer N9
  3. DONE - N9 - Badge QmlCalendar Educazionik Tutorial, by Nicola De Filippo(niqt). I'm main developer of Badge, now adding nfc support (Badge is a software to record the times of exit, entry and rests on the working day). I'm main developer of QmlCalendar (calendar application for Nemomobile). I'm porting my educational software [1] on mobile devices (Qt phone and tablet), for example [2] . Qt Ambassador and DevNet Beta Tester.QtOnPi Device Program member. My nickname is "niqt" everywhere, qt-project, Maemo, Mer, Meego, Nemomobile. I prefer N9 (i need NFC, see project description and because I participated in last year's device program too)
  4. DONE - N9 - Carnival Mirror QBoomBomm QCopter QSnake QMemory QTeletex, by Emmanuel Granatello (emmynet) - I developed a commercial “Qt SCADA WYSIWYG tools” for remote management of industrial field devices, other Qt links contribution AR Pong RaspberryPi contribution Box2D on Symbian prototype of application for maintenance in Qt-3d QCopter android porting.I prefer N9
  5. DONE - N9 - Facebook Plus BTV Live Radio On by somnathbanik (Somnath Banik) - I am a Nokia Developer Champion, Qt Ambassador,QtonPi Member and like to help newbie developers by writing Wiki articles and creating open source Projects. I have created many applications on Qt4 and submitted to different channels and would like to port them on Qt5 also.I prefer N9
  6. DONE - N950 - Qt5 on Mer timoph Qt project profile.Going to work on porting Qt4 applications and writing new ones to help test Qt5 on Mer (Qt5 will already be partly included in the next Mer release). Will start with something simple - making a bit fancier version of the Yatzy game I recently wrote using Qt4/qml and some other existing things such as Qt flying bus, same game and planning poker cards. I prefer N9
  7. DONE - N9 - Puzzle Master, by Timur Kristóf (Venemo) - I'm mostly interested in experimenting with Qt Quick 2, including the deep C++ level. Considering that my app contains lots of custom-written QDeclarativeItem code with non-rectangular items, it would be nice to see how Qt 5 can cope with it. I'd like to port my app over to the Qt Quick 2 API, rebasing my code on top of QQuickPaintedItem and seek out other possible improvements with exciting new stuff such as QML shader effects. here is the source code and the Nokia Store link. I also wish to take a brief look at how Components would work on top of Qt 5. (Note: Because I participated in last year's device program too, I'm only applying for an N9. Don't want to deprive anyone of an N950. Note 2: I may apply at the other category too.)
  8. DONE - N9 - VirtualVoiceNet, by Stuart Marsden (stuartmarsden) - This application provides a push to talk all informed very low bandwidth voice network. It uses multicast and encodes voice using codec2 which provides very low rate voice. It is currently a QtWidget based app but plan to port to Qt5 with a QML interface. This would be an ideal mobile app as it would allow disconnected communities to form a mesh network using B.A.T.M.A.N. and then talk. Could also be used at conferences or family gatherings to aid communication. Planning to have this true multi-platform (am waiting for a QtonPi and already runs on the desktop). I prefer N9
  9. DONE - N9 - Frosty Window, by Nishith Mahajan (Nishith) - An Open GL project which will try to paint random crystallized water on the phone based on the users interaction. It could be used to create various images by the user and shared. I am a QT ambassador and this application was one of the runners up in the event organized by Nokia.I prefer N9
  10. DONE - N9 - meenotes, weather by Luís Gabriel Lima (luisgabriel) - I'm a software developer at INdT working mainly with QtQuick. I've a strong interest in test the QtQuick 2 & SceneGraph performance on mobile devices. Currently I'm working on the UiHelpers Playground project and the QtQuickStyles research project. I'm also working with the Plama/KDE community to port Plasma's GraphicsView-based widgets to QML. Profiles: ohloh, gerrit (Qt), gitorious, QtDevNet. I prefer N9.
  11. DONE - N9 - Graffiti by Abhishek Kumar (shwstppr) - Qt Ambassador, QtonPi member and author of some open-source Qt/QML apps - FlickrUp, CutePress,Shopper. I prefer N9.
  12. DONE - N9 - mediadownloader and StarMenu QML component, by Marco Bavagnoli Qt Ambassador,QtonPi Member. I have created some useful wiki articles and opensource QML components. I prefer N9
  13. DONE - N9 - Vovoid VSXu, by Dinesh Manajipet (saidinesh5) - VSXu is basically a modular OpenGL programming environment, mainly used for creating music visualizations, VJing and demoscene projects so far ( We already had an Initial port of VSXu to OpenGL ES.(Tested on the N900 - and waiting to be tested on Raspberrypi). Also, the upcoming "sensors" module ( )in VSXu can make use of the local sensors (if available) and remote sensors of another device (via. a Qt Client which sends the sensor data Wifi) to control various parameters and transitions of VSXu visuals. I am just another KDE contributor and one of the developers of VSXu. ( )I prefer N9
  14. DONE - N9 - Mash - Mobile Yammer client for N9/N950, by Saija Eteläniemi (matrixx) - The Yammer client is mostly created using QML, so it would be a point of interest for me to port it to use Qt5. In addition, I've been working on several projects for Harmattan: my stuff on github, which also uses QML and Qt components and would be fun to port. I'm Also participating in QtonPi program, a Qt Ambassador and a certified Qt Specialist. As a device preference, N9.
  15. DONE - N9 - EmuMaster, by Marcin Kazmierczak (elemental) - It emulates popular consoles such as NES, SNES, GBA, PSX, SMD, SCD and Amiga. I am interested to port whole project to Qt5 and QtQuick 2.0, but not only. With second N9 I would be able to make multiplayer mode using NFC - I would test that functionality in Qt5 too. I prefer N9 (as mentioned).
  16. DONE - N950 - DropN9 Call Recorder the both applications for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan (Qt C++, QML and MeeGo touch). I'm currently doing some experimentals with Qt 5 in my N950. Profiles: gitorious, devnet. I prefer N950 one again ;)
  17. DONE - N9 - ProfileMatic, by Arto Jalkanen (ajalkane) - ProfileMatic changes device's various settings (such as used profile) based on given conditions like time of day or location. The frontend is written in QML and backend in C++. I'd like to try Qt5 on it. Lively discussion and more information about the application is at TMO's ProfileMatic support thread. I'm applying for N9, as I have N950 and N9's NFC would be useful for my NFC related testing on the application. I prefer N9
  18. DATA RECEIVED- N950 - TEDTalksQuick - A Qt/QML app for enjoying TEDTalks, by Dhi Aurrahman- profile page (diorahman), I'm a Qt developer (Qt Ambassador), the man behind aegislabs. I hope I could port this app to Qt5 by adding more features and better user experiences, especially in browsing the available videos, managing video archives, download manager and player. Currently the code is in this repo on github, tested on borrowed N950. Since everybody pick N9 as their preference, I prefer N950 :-)
  19. DONE - N9 - Wordsler, by Slocan - This is a word game that is written in Qt/QML, and published in the Ovi Store (Harmattan and Symbian), Maemo5 Extras, Android store and the BB Playbook store, with a single codebase. I'd also be interested in improving FeedingIt RSS Reader with QtQuick 2 features, once the python bindings are available.
  20. DATA RECEIVED - N9 - Stories (QML n9/n950 app. You can create Infographics and graphs about your experiences.) by Victor Bravo Bravo (victorrrbravo) - Engineer. Qt developer. Qt Ambassador. I prefer n9.
  21. DONE- N950 - FirmaXML (QML desktop app for BDOC digital signatures using cryptographic hardware) by Antonio Araujo Brett (antonioaraujob) - Qt and information security developer with free and open source tools. Qt Ambassador. I prefer N950.
  22. DONE - N950 - MagicTag (Anylize song wave and tag it with the right tag), by Tong Zhang (lovewilliam) - Experienced at qt development and embedded system. Had been contributed a lot of patches to the community. Had been working on an linux distribution for a long time MagicLinux. writing patches and build the distribution. And I have experience developing hw and software on other meego based devices :) OpenWaveRadioeg. . Qt Ambassador. Some of my patches can be found here. Now I'm currently studying in Software college , Shandong University and having a good time in the Embedded system lab. I'm doing some porting job recently on an TI board(cortex-a8) to get qt5 run on it. :-) Willing to get a N9 to port my qt4-qml based apps to work with Qt5. And develop more interesting things with qt5 on n9. I prefer N9. :-)
  23. DATA RECEIVED - N950 - Shutdown,GApp,WakeOnLan and QuickCall for Harmattan (Qt/QML), by Felipe Crochik (fcrochik@maemo, fcrochik@qt-project). I am a Nokia Certified Qt Specialist, Qt Ambassador, QtOnPi Device Program member and have published several Qt applications for Maemo, Meego, Symbian and Playbook. I would like to port them to Qt5.
  24. DATA RECEIVED - N950 - Security Audit, PulseAudio Remote Audio GUI, Google Voice Integration, and VPN Tunnel Manager, by Jason A. Donenfeld (zx2c4), blog code email - The projects outlined on that page are a PulseAudio Remote Audio Interface, integration for Google Voice services, and an easy way to manage different VPN tunnels, including the awesome Iodine project that allows tunneling internet traffic through DNS relays. As for me, I'm extremely involved with Qt, attended all the FOSDEM talks, have been following very very closely the development of Qt5, write a blog on PlanetKDE, and pretty much the whole Qt-shebang. I grok pretty low in the Qt5 stack, and I'm up for not only porting, but testing internal Qt5 performance. Secondly, listed on that page is a few examples of public security experience. Face it: mobile security is important, and nobody is going to want to use a Qt5 phone if the platform is insecure. I'm interested in doing a large audit of the N950 userland and kernelland, with particular focus on aegis & webkit2, to make sure Meego users don't become easy targets. We don't want our platform to become another Android. here is a commit for a buffer overflow in Qt from a few days ago. It even has an advisory. Qt security is a real and important thing. I prefer the N950.
  25. DATA RECEIVED - N950 - CuteSoma ( client for N9/N950), by Andrea Grandi - Qt Profile (andreagrandi) - My intention is to port CuteSoma to Qt5 for any future devices and to release a Desktop version as well. Source code is available [3]. Qt Ambassador. I prefer N9