Install PC Connectivity on a 64 bit host

Here is how to install PC Connectivity (the "Host part") on a 64bit Linux Box.


[edit] Precondition

  • A Linux Box with Debian/Ubuntu at 64bit.
  • You need to be a bit more than a newbie: I'm not going to describe you what to do command by command.

[edit] Step 1: The easy part

Follow the instructions on the PC connectivity install page to install the "Tablet part"

[edit] Step 2: The not so easy part

If you try to add the repository for the "Host part" to your /etc/apt/sources.list and run $ sudo apt-get update, you will see the problem. Your Linux box is naturally looking for the 64bit packages, which are not available.

But your machine can actually run 32bit code: you just need some more "hand work".

[edit] Step 3: Looks like I'm helping you

  1. Install filezilla, ssh, ia32-libs, sbrsh, and sbrshd
  2. Download from the PC connectivity repository: host-pc-connectivity_0.6_all.deb ssh-key-exchange_0.1_all.deb
  3. Install one by one the files you just downloaded with dpkg -i --force-architecture PACKAGE_FILENAME

[edit] Step 4: You're on your own

100% of the time what will happen is that you are going to receive messages about unfulfilled dependencies. DON'T PANIC: install what you are asked and install the package again. If you're experiencing issues, you may want to install the 32-bit library counterparts of the original dependencies.

Do this "try and catch" process, until you don't have any other error and everything installs fine.

Since "dependencies resolution" depends on what you already have installed on your machine, following the dependency chain is something you'll need to do for yourself.

Enjoy! ;-)