Screenshot of VertSMS message composition

This page is for vertical SMS app called VertSMS.


[edit] Version history

[edit] 0.7-1

  • Fixed dependency list

[edit] 0.7

  • Changed SMS sending from D-Bus to QtMobility

[edit] 0.6

  • Added QWERTY keyboard, thanks to frals for the code.
  • Can detect which file to edit (PR1.2 vs pre-PR1.2), thanks to frals.
  • Removed rtcom-messaging-ui from the Depends field.

[edit] 0.5-1

  • Added rtcom-messaging-ui version 1.2.22-1+0m5 as a dependency so this doesn't break pre-1.2 devices (only change in 0.5-1)
  • Changed rtcom-eventlogger lib for PR 1.2
  • Modified PDU string that should fix problems with some operators.
  • Characters are inputted to cursor position instead to the end of the message.

[edit] 0.4

  • Writing message to conversations is done by an official API so there shouldn't be risk of database corruption anymore.
  • Adding multiple receivers possible. Separator for numbers is semicolon [;] (both buttons * and # input it while typing a number)

[edit] 0.3

  • sent message is saved to conversations (MIGHT DESTROY YOUR RTCOM-EVENTLOGGER DATABASE!!!)
  • osk keyboard popping up disabled (works in PR1.2 and newer firmwares, not earlier!)

[edit] 0.1-1

  • added python-dbus to dependencies

[edit] 0.1

  • Initial release. Things that work:
    • Add number via address book selector
    • Type text
    • Send message (depends on operator and address book receiver's phone number format!)

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