Information for people having access to Nokia's internal non-public Bugtracker

How to clone bugs from maemo.org Bugzilla to internal Bugtracker

  • If needed, summarize/improve the external report to save developers' time
  • Add the full maemo.org Bugzilla URL to the internal URL field
  • Add aklapper /at/ openismus /dot/ com to the internal CC list
  • Submit the internal report with number xxxxx
  • Add "int-xxxxx" to the Alias field in maemo.org Bugzilla. If needed, overwrite non "int-" Alias fields. If an "int-" Alias already exists, add a second one by "/int-xxxxx" (use common sense here)
  • Add aklapper /at/ openismus /dot/ com to the maemo.org Bugzilla CC list


Do not clone by default:

  • Issues in Development platform (normally handled in public)
  • Issues in Desktop platform\hildon-widgets (whether to clone is up to the developers themselves active in public Bugzilla)

When to set Target Milestone or Resolution in maemo.org Bugzilla

These instructions only apply for bug reports. For enhancement requests, see here.

  • Set Target Milestone to "Fremantle" in maemo.org Bugzilla when a bug has been fixed internally
  • Set Resolution to FIXED/WONTFIX/INVALID when a bug has been verified internally. Ask public reporter to verify if technically possible (fixed code available for public).