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Ryan Abel / GeneralAntilles

"I've been involved with Maemo in one way or another since the earliest days of the 770, I love this platform, I love this community, and I'd like to help make it the best it can be."[1]

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Randall Arnold / Texrat

"As a council member I championed the welcoming of new members and rolled out a volunteer program called Maemo Greeters with a very simple goal: ask members to include helpful links in their signatures, thus easily propogating helpful info throughout the forum. The program was more successful than I had even imagined, growing through user suggestions to include multiple languages and a variety of resources and approaches. I see value in continuing this at MeeGo."[2]

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Andrew Black / andrewfblack

"I have been in the Maemo Community for about two(2) years now and I have jumped right in wanting to find a way to give back. I found this way in theme making. In the past year I have created and released over a dozen themes. I have released themes for every Maemo device including the 770 which I did not get until after I already had my N810. I have tried to help get more people interested in theming for Maemo by publishing how-to guides and helping answer any questions I get from new theme makers."[3]

Attila Csipa / achipa/attila77

"I'm mostly known for my activities relating to Python and Qt (which was also the object of my talk on the last Summit), but am also a member of the Testing squad and have a dozen or so applications and libraries in the repositories (like AppWatch, QuickBrownFox, PyQt, support libraries for Easy Debian on Diablo, etc)."[4]

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Andrew Flegg / Jaffa

"Having moved up through each generation, I've tried to be active and involved in all aspects of the Maemo community. The last six months, having stepped back from the council, have given me a new perspective. The biggest issue I've seen is one of communication and clear facilitation. We need to reduce the overhead and streamline community action."[5]

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Andrea Grandi / andy80

"I joined the Maemo Community since the first Maemo device was out (Nokia 770) and I've been always so excited for being able to contribute to this project. In the past I've attended at both Maemo Summit doing a short talk. During last summer I collaborated with PyMaemo team during a stage at Igalia and at the moment I'm developing a couple of applications using Python and Qt."[6]

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Cosimo Kroll / zehjotkah

"I see myself as an interface between the average user and the developers/advanced user, because I understand, what developers/advanced users say, and can translate this into simple language. I can't code myself, so this is the best way to help the community in my opinion."[7]

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Javier Pedro / javispedro

"The biggest issue to solve when you have a set of volunteers is how to make the most of the limited amount of time they are willing to contribute to a project. However, instead of attacking this problem, one can decide to try to increase this amount of time -- developers (and I guess most people :) ) tend to "always find more time" for tasks they like."[8]

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Arek Stopczynski / hopbeat

"Why I would like to become part of the council? I can provide user&developer insight plus I don't often get emotional: I believe in listening to others (and telling them they have no idea what they are talking about, if this is the case; but not before they are heard)"[9]

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Steven Yeager / YoDude

"I believe that the Community Council we elect should have some representation from the average customer/user base. I also believe that the forums are, and will continue to be the communication means of choice for many engaged users. I also believe that some of the future leaders of our community will come from within the ranks of these engaged users."[10]


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