Community localization


Process Notes

Other Notes

What do we need and from whom?


  • Money
  • Integration of community translations into the official language selection dialog. Once a new language is installed it should be shown in the settings.
  • On first start: Give a possibillity to install/download maemo community translations.
  • If not: Show a message to tell users that there are community translations and where they can be found.
  • Get existing translations to bootstrap system, create glossary etc.


  • Support for translation teams (Grouped by languages)
  • Running (and open to Beta users) installation on
  • Support for roles (Owner, Coordinator, Translator, Reviewer, Developer
  • Reviewing system
  • Support for po files using logical ids (only for closed software)
  • Page to sign the lincence of the project
  • Support for access rights on collections
  • Karma support
  • subscription/communication meachanims for getting notifcations about changes.
  • Select date for upcoming release. Create calender to show projects close to a release
  • Abillitiy to lock specific languages for certain projects. E.g. Mediaplayer/German
  • SSO with
  • Support for project states: Started, Reviewd, Complete
  • Translator credits in po files
  • Automiatic glossary lookup
  • Translation memory
  • support for translation-toolkit to catch translation erros
  • Support for 1:n translations because of translation variants (Harmattan)

  • System to create debian packages out of translations for closed applications
  • Support for Transifex Karma
  • SSO with
  • When creating a garage project give the project an option to also register with
  • Software to let the user choose a community language. Must set environment variables, etc. Or include it directly into the package.

What needs to be done