Extras is the primary repository for Maemo applications where most community software can be found. There are many excellent software projects distributed through Extras including Canola, Maemo Mapper, OMWeather, and others.


Using Extras

To enable Extras repository, just open this link on your tablet.

Or you can enable it by hand:

  • Go into the Application manager.
  • Tap the menu -> Tools -> Application catalog...
  • Double-tap maemo Extras.
  • Uncheck Disabled.

About Extras

Extras is split into two areas:

  • free applications are Open Source have been through the Maemo Extras vetting process
  • non-free applications are usually closed, binary only and their quality and security must be taken on trust

Anyone interested in contributing to Extras should look at the Extras repository process definition.


The software hosted in extras-testing might not be ready for end users! Please don't play with it unless you really know what you are doing.

Extras testing is a repository that holds applications waiting to be tested. It is a place where power users can download the latest developer releases, test them out and evaluate them. User backups and predisposition to re-flash your device in case of trouble is assumed.

More information on Extras-testing here.


The software hosted in extras-devel is most likely not ready for end users! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't play with it unless you really know what you are doing.

Developers upload the newest version of their software to extras-devel. From there the packages go through an automatic and human Quality Assurance process. This is a repository for developers and regular contributors of specific software projects. If you want to play with extras-devel software you need to be prepared to feel some pain sooner or later.