FIXED in Fremantle Hall of Fame

In the months before the release of the N900, a number of bugs in Bugzilla were closed with the enigmatic comment "FIXED in Fremantle". This became such a common occurrence that the phrase even featured in a Maemo Talk drinking game, along with other gems like "Is it a phone?" and "Does it come with a PIM suite?" At the time, there were some complaints because many of these fixes would never see the day on older versions of the OS. Now that Fremantle has been released, we can finally see the great result which is a combination of all of those bugs reported and FIXED in Fremantle.

In one of the most secret actions known at the Maemo community, some core members close to the Bugsquad team decided to praise remarkable contributors of during the Fremantle unstable releases.

How? No less than with a prêt-à-porter shirt made of Amsterdam orange, logo and FIXED IN FREMANTLE legend in the back - an exclusive design of our beloved artist Tim Samoff. Delivered in person at the Maemo Summit Grande Finale or by snail/fly mail.

Who got the shirt already

FIXME: I just sent the original list to Quim via email. --timsamoff 15:19, 14 December 2009 (UTC)

FIXME: If you got one, add your name here

Who should get one

Quim Gil has still some shirts left in a box somewhere secret (he is surrounded by jealous Maemo developers) containing the following inventory:

  1. S
  2. S
  3. S
  4. M
  5. M
  6. M
  7. M
  8. M
  9. M
  10. L
  11. L
  12. L
  13. L
  14. L
  15. L
  16. L
  17. L
  18. L
  19. L
  20. L
  21. L
  22. XL
  23. XL
  24. XL

All male. There was one shirt for girls (for Soumya) but presumably someone took it by accident...

Let's find the right bugsquatters for them! See the Talk thread.