Fremantle Developer Device Queue

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* [ Zeitgeist] Core Developer & Project Leader/Initiator
* [ Zeitgeist] Core Developer & Project Leader/Initiator
| [Markus Korn]
| [ Markus Korn]
* [ Zeitgeist] Core Developer & Maintainer
* [ Zeitgeist] Core Developer & Maintainer

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This is a list of developers who are working on projects for Fremantle who do not have access to any Fremantle devices for live testing purposes. This is to allow Nokia and/or the Maemo Community Council to redirect any available resources. Please link to your profile and products/packages to make the evaluation as easy as possible.

See also the related discussion threads in

Developer Project(s)/Product(s)
Nathan Anderson

No Longer Required - Purchased Retail

Wilson Tang
Everaldo Canuto
Detlef Schmicker
Thierry Lagarde
Nicola De Filippo
Andrew Zhilin
Pete Foster
  • mSideShow Application for Nokia Internet Tablets that allows them to act as a Windows SideShow device.
  • mTunesRemote Remote control for iTunes over TCP/IP.
  • No longer required. Purchased retail.
Pavel Rojtberg
  • YouAmp Quite Popular Music Player for OS2008 which focuses on Usability.
  • ARToolkitPlus Augmented Reality Toolkit. Need the device for a project work like this on the N900.
Ben Martin
Luke Dashjr
  • Gentoo source-based meta-distribution
Pierre-Luc Beaudoin
Ville Ranki
  • Siilihai Web Forum Reader
  • Planning Poker cards (ppcards)
Emanuele Vulcano
  • The Cocotron, platform-neutral Objective-C runtime, port to ARM;
  • Mover, port to Maemo using Qt + Cocotron's Foundation.
Mathieu Blondel
  • Tegaki Chinese and Japanese handwritten characters recognition (Lead developer)
Siegfried Gevatter
  • Zeitgeist, event logging framework (Core Developer & Maintainer)
  • Experience with packaging (Ubuntu Developer and in Debian New Maintainer process), so I may get involved with this too.
Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen
Seif Lotfy
  • Zeitgeist Core Developer & Project Leader/Initiator
Markus Korn
daniel g. siegel
  • Cheese Maemo port of Cheese 3.0 (Core developer and Maintainer)
Tim Niemueller

The primary plans are to provide software to remotely control/instruct robots and run a simulation environment on the N900. As a side effect, the N900 can become the control unit of a real robot.

Carles Mallafré
  • Behind Maemo Lines Development for N8X0 and N900.
  • world wide killer -> New project game for N900, iphone, android... Using latest technology like 3G, wifi triangulation, GPS.
John Stowers
  • osm-gpd-map Core developer & Maintainer of popular Gtk+ map widget used in a number of maemo apps (maep, osm2go, gpxview, ecoach).
Sebastian Colomar

I've prepared some documentation for Maemo Support in the form of Maemo Wikis. Though I was the original editor other people have later collaborated, like excellent editor Ryan Abel. These wikis have been many times Wiki Of The Day, due to their interest and easiness of use. My project is to go on making nice documentation for N900 users. My main target is to help complete newbies and business users who aren't technical users at all, but need to exhaust the features of their Maemo devices...

Tom Swindell
  • ruby-maemo - Maintaining the Ruby interpreter and bindings for libraries available on the Maemo platform.
  • call-blocker - Incoming call blocking service.
  • call-record - Incoming call recorder and local voice mailbox application}