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===Roadmap / Current Status===
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== Roadmap / Current Status ==
'''eCoach 1.50alpha''' is in the extras-devel
'''eCoach 1.50alpha''' is in the extras-devel

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Roadmap / Current Status

eCoach 1.50alpha is in the extras-devel

  • New UI almost ready
  • New map engine - OSM-GPS-MAP (same as in OSM2GO).
  • User can now select used map source. Currently supports: OSM, Open Aerial Maps, Maps for free, Google Maps and Virtual Earth. New map engine also does map loading and caching itself so separate ecoach-maptile-loader package is no longer needed.
  • User can now set GPS update interval, this will lower power consumption

Things still to be implemented:

  • Proper view for showing information about on going activity speed,time,HR etc.
  • Calendar integration (investigation going on)