How to find built-in help on the Nokia n800 and n810

The N800 and N810 contain a large number of built-in step-by-step tutorials and a complete user guide, but a lot of tablet owners seem to be unaware of their presence. Here's how to find and access them.

How to browse through all the built-in help files

Very very simple, just click on the Applications icon (the green squares on the left) and then click on help. You'll then see a long list of all the topics covered by the tutorials. Double-click on the topic you want to know more about, then click on the specific tutorial you want to read.

When you've finished reading a tutorial, just click on the X in the top right hand corner to close it.

How to get help for the feature you're currently using

Again, easy-peasy. Just click on the menu for the application you're currently running (this will be a grey bar at the top of the screen). One of the options will be Help, just click on it.

Applications runs separately from their help files, so you can close a tutorial without closing the app it discusses.

How to find the hidden user guide

For some reason the manual for the N800 and N810 is tucked away in the Documents folder. Here's how to find them and read it:

1. Click on the Applications icon (green squares).

2. Click on Utilities.

3. Click on File Manager.

4. Double click on Documents on the right.

5. Double click on User Guides on the right.

6. The user guide is displayed in all its different language versions. Double click on the language version you want (the English-language versions are near the bottom of the list).

7. The user guide will be opened using the PDF reader application. To turn a page click on the small arrows at the bottom of the screen, and to zoom in and out click on the magnifying glasses.