API(Draft) for external theme :

  1. You need to create XML file with description your external theme. See example below: Example for external theme Abstractile:


    • name - name of theme.
    • exec_path - path to the executable binary file for this theme.
    • window_id - option name for the X11 Window ID. Your application should take value from this option and to use this 'window' for drawing.
    • view - option name for the view number on which your application will be started). Your application should take this option.
    • category - category name for theme.
  2. Your application must go to sleep on the D-Bus signal:
    interface='org.maemo.livewp', member='pause_livebg_on_view%i'

    and wake up on the D-Bus signal:

    interface='org.maemo.livewp', member='play_livebg_on_view%i'

    where %i - view number.