MSN messenger

You can install MSN messenger as a plugin at least on Maemo OS2008 and Fremantle. This means that you can use devices integrated messaging software to chat with your friends at MSN.

[edit] Questions and answers

  • Will you be able to view messages that you have received while offline like you can on PC?
  • Is there a chat history?
Yes, its the same history and the same UI as other IM protocols
  • Will it support MSN Video calls?
Yes, on the N900 using butterfly (not with Haze).
  • Can you leave MSN running in the background and receive instant messages from multiple people while doing other things on the phone?
Yes, just like when using other build-in IM protocols.
  • If i am for example watching a movie, will a message pop up saying I have an instant message from a contact?
  • There will be support for MSN games?
No. For now, they are not supported by papyon/butterfly, but someone could implement them.
  • Where can I download MSN Messenger for my Nokia N900?
Install it from extras-devel through the Application Manager. The name of the package is MSN Protocol Plugin For Conversations And Contacts and it is in the networking section.