Maemian - The maemo policy checker

This is the wiki page for Maemian, the maemo policy checker. Maemian is designed to check maemo packages for policy compliance like debian's lintian does. The purpose is to try and improve the quality of packages, and therefor the user experience, of maemo software. Maemian is designed to follow packaging policy as defined by maemo which means the community is encouraged to participate in its design and functionality.

Currently Maemian is a straight port of linitan from debian. As such, it has limited use since maemo is not debian and has different needs and policy. Work is underway to convert lintian to Maemian however and anyone interested is encouraged to join the project. The garage page for Maemian shows some information on the project and how to get involved. You can also browse the git repository or clone it and start hacking if you wish.

The first step in getting Maemian running is for me to create a small version of Maemian that we can hook into the QA scripts already running on garage. That small version is called minimae. It looks at a recently uploaded package and produces a report in the summary log.

Proposed checks for Maemian

does the package -actually- insert into a n900 chroot