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We have booked 15 double rooms for the accommodation at NH Cornellà.

Shared Room Allocations

  • If you would like to share a double room with someone, please add your name to the table below.
  • If you find yourself rooming with someone who's not your best choice, just remove yourself from the room and add it somewhere else. No hurt feelings please. This will all work out.
  • The rooms are only booked for 3 nights(Thur-Sat), those how want to stay more nights should contact the hotel asap, and pay for the extra nights.
Room # Roommate 1 Roommate 2 Special Notes/Considerations
1 Valério Valério Ryan Abel
2 Daniel Martin Yerga Andrea Grandi yerga needs to count sheep to sleep.
3 Ignacio Garcia
4 Thomas Perl Tomasz Dominikowski
5 Cornelius Hald Michael Hasselmann
6 Jesus Sanchez-Palencia Allysson Santos
7 Tim Teulings
8 Kathy Smith
9 Andreas Loupasakis
10 Aniello Del Sorbo Samantha Baldini
11 Patricia Montenegro
12 David Greaves/lbt Gary Birkett
13 Martin Grimme
14 Jorge Avalos Salguero Alejandro Blanco Escudero
15 Ruben Yedra Sebastian Colomar

  • Please don't add more lines in the table, we only have 15 rooms booked