Maemo Co-Creation/MCC Concept 002 Session Results

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Content is exponentially created and tagged. How to find the right content or your own content history in an easy way and tag it in a smart way? N-rich starts at the address book: your contacts and the people you trust are right there in your phone. They bring with them an amount of content. When adding a contact to your device, N-rich collects all content related to this contact from all different content-silos (Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, etc): photo's, video's, contact info, and: tags. The tags are used to smarten your tag vocabulary, it is a learning system that learns what tags are most commonly used and how to best tag content in the future. When adding a tag in the future, it will propose the right name (predictive tagging). Next to that you will always have your auto-info: the "objective" tags: time, place, author. Secondly, you can use your contacts to easier find the right content. You can 'scale' them according to their knowledge and expertise. So if you're looking for a new car, the content and tags related to your friend that is a car-expert will be in your first 'circle' of interest.


Cross-silo, enriched tagging & scaling friends for high relevancy


You can build on each others ideas and link it to Maemo contacts as well