Maemo contribution guidelines

These are the guidelines third party developers need to observe when contributing code to open source software maintained or distributed by Nokia in the Maemo platform:


Contributions welcome!

The Maemo SW team at Nokia encourages revision and feedback of the open source components of the Maemo platform and related open source applications.


The sources of the Maemo platform and related Nokia developed open source applications are available at (planned)


Patches are most welcome in the ongoing alpha/beta release. Bugfixes on new stable releases are encouraged too.

Note that it is very complex for maintainers to apply UI changes on final releases since they might originate new iterations in localization, usability and testing.


Bugfixes need to be referenced in existing or new bugs filed at, including the keyword "patch".

Developers can attach patches to the bug report or can host them in their own git directory at (planned).


Patches to software components developed upstream need to be submitted following the contribution guidelines of the original projects.

If the upstream component has no Maemo specific versioning, it is better to contribute the patch directly upstream. Please notify the Maemo SW maintainers through, they might get your patch anyway and help you getting it committed upstream.


Software contributions need to take into account the Maemo quality considerations and coding style.

Learn more about The Good Patch.


If you want your patch to be accepted you better use the same license used by the component patched.


Developers of significant code contributions retain their copyrights and are credited.

Ideas or contributions below 15 lines are usually not considered subject to copyrights. For details see the definition of legally significant changes made by the GNU Project.